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Save ‘The Saviour’: El Salvador
El Salvador means ‘The Saviour’ in English. In this troubled country in Central America, New Life Ministries seeks to protect and rescue some of the youth and children of the country — one at a time.

El Salvador means ‘The Saviour’ in English. This country in Central America was named after our Lord Jesus Christ. For many years now the country has suffered so much due to the prevalent violence in it. First it was a civil war that lasted for more than 10 years. Shortly after the signing of the peace agreement in 1992, a new wave of affliction started. The country is actually being ravaged by crime and assassination mainly because of the presence of very evil gangs operating in the country.

The situation of violence in El Salvador is extremely critical. According to reports from national and international daily papers from January to May of this year, 1,171 persons have died from homicides. This is an average of 12 people daily. A high percentage of these deaths are young people and children. The gangs that operate in the country are considered responsible for most of these crimes, according to the papers. The government‘s hands are tied. Somehow all the programs and measures so far show a failure to combat this movement in the country. Aggressively the gangs recruit youth and children alike to increase their presence in every area of the country.

The statistics are alarming, but Intercede International believes that God is the only solution to stop this sad situation in the country. In this context, New Life Ministries emerges as a place of rescue, prevention, restoration, and salvation. The ministry is actively doing its part to protect and rescue some of the youth and children of the country—one at a time. NLM is an indigenous ministry based in El Salvador that is partnered with Intercede.

Since their beginning, outreach to children has been at the heart of NLM’s ministry. Every Tuesday the children and youth of the area are invited to come to the ministry headquarters and after they are served a nutritious meal, missionaries teach the Word of God with the purpose of planting the seed in their little hearts and keeping them away from enrolling in the gangs. Due to budget constraints for now the ministry only can serve 30 participants one day a week. The missionaries’ desire is to expand the program to reach out more and serve them more days.

NLM offers a scholarship program to those who cannot afford to attend public schools for different reasons. Vicky is one of them—she is a handicapped child, who used to go to public school, but was mock and bullied. Also the teacher could not properly attend to her. Three more kids have benefited from this program. More are on the waiting list, but the ministry does not yet have funds to cover them.

Future plans

By God’s mercy the ministry recently purchased a portion of land on the outskirts of San Miguel, in the east of the country. The ministry is planning by faith to start the construction of an appropriate building to host the day children program initially. The vision, though, is to in addition to the youth ministry to also start an orphanage in the near future. Also another facility is in the plans with the purpose of offering to the youth population the opportunity to learn trades such as carpentry, electricity and plumbing.

The opportunity is ours to save El Salvador now. New Life Ministries is doing its part--obeying Jesus’ admonition to us when He said, “Because you did it to these little ones you did it unto me.”

Feeding the Miskito Tribes the Bread of Life

In another Central American country, Nicaragua, Pastor Rigoberto Quiroz and the Missionary Churches of Nicaragua are reaching out to the Miskito children of the Coco River communities. MCN is an indigenous ministry based in Nicaragua that is partnered with Intercede.

Miskito tribals like to have many children. Each family has usually at least an average of five children. As a result, and because of their great poverty, there is a lack of food and proper medical attention, plagues and other problems. The mortality rate among children is very high.

MCN started outreach to these children about five years ago. Every year Quiroz and his team visit this remote area at least three times. They travel by car to Wiwili, and then sail the Coco River to the nearest community, which is about 12 hours by boat from Wiwili. On these trips Pastor Quiroz takes food, clothing, medicine, and other supplies in order to help not only the children, but their parents also. The work does not stop there. Once the team arrives in the communities and serves the population physically, the most important part of the trip is initiated--nightly evangelistic rallies and other Gospel-related activities are held in the communities.

Indeed, it is good to provide material nourishment, but the more important spiritual food will assure them of eternal life. The needs are great: a vehicle capable of rugged travel back and forth from Managua to Wiwili is needed.

Their own boat (rather than renting) to sail the river is a big necessity. So far at least three communities are being helped. Churches have been planted and children’s lives have been saved. Please pray for God’s continued blessings on these ministries.

Eliud Herrera is director of administration for ministry partner relations at Intercede International (formerly known as Christian Aid Mission), based in Fort Erie, Ont.

Originally published in Mission Gateway, September 2011. The story has been adapted slightly from the original version.

Used with permission. Copyright © 2011

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