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Insights Into a Coming Revival in Canada
It is consistent for Evangelical believers to expect and pray for a last-days national revival for Canada.

I read an article on by Grant Corriveau titled “Does God Care About National Boundaries?” He believes it is inappropriate to pray for a national revival for Canada.

…perhaps the understanding of the New Covenant in Europe could also be misplaced...

If this thought had been addressed to Oswald Chambers of My Utmost for His Highest fame, he would have responded with pleasure and excitement, "Exactly how do such articles on behalf of national revival for Canada distress you?" For Chambers, opposition to his concepts did not distress him, but rather brought an exhilarating challenge!

So in this same spirit, I see Grant's uneasiness as an evidence of his sincerity, which demands a courteous and understanding response.

A while ago I again read The Covenant by James Michener, and how the Afrikaners used the Old Testament covenant as the basis of justifying their presence, goals and activity in South Africa. No doubt the majority of Evangelical believers would acknowledge that their application of these Scriptures on the basis of their understanding of covenant was misplaced.

But could we not see that perhaps the understanding of the New Covenant in Europe could also be misplaced by covenant believers of the past centuries – when promises to Israel in both Old and New Covenant have been taken from Israel and applied to the Church – in what is termed "Replacement Theology?"

As a sailor in the Canadian Navy during the latter part of World War II, Times of Refreshing by Dr. J. Edwin Orr, Irish Baptist Revivalist, came into my hands in 1944. He saw the day when God would bring to Canada its first national revival. Regional revivals have come to our land in the past, two of which I have participated in. But on the basis of Orr's challenge, I at that time committed myself both to labor and believe for Canada's first national revival. I am also a citizen of the United States through birth (but of Canadian parents), which has had four national revivals, and I desire that Canada may yet enjoy its first national one.

Dr. David Yonggi Cho of a church of three-quarter million members in Seoul, South Korea, has three prophetic words for Canada: one in Kelowna, BC on October 31, 1975; one in Toronto in 1979; and the third close to Halifax in 1984. In them he predicted that God has chosen Canada to experience a national revival before the return of Christ, which will catapult her believers to spear-head evangelism and missions to the ends of the dark corners of the earth. Dr. Billy Graham and dozens of others have given confirmatory words to this.

On July 1st 1995, Freda Cooper, granddaughter of a chieftain of the Coast Salish First Nations' People, led a remarkable prayer of repentance for some 60 of her people at Whistler, BC during a Gathering of 39 nations of some 2200 people. Some 20 tribes or nations of her people were represented. Freda exhorted representatives of Britain, Canada and the United States to withhold their apologies and request for forgiveness from her people for their over zealousness like Nebuchadnezzar towards Israel, until first her people confessed their sins of departing from God. This she said had brought God's judgment on her people, just as God judged Israel for departing from Him into idolatry. For this they suffered two expulsions from their land.

David Mainse of 100 Huntley Street, Toronto, as a witness of this five-hour repentance, said that it was the most outstanding day of Canada's history in his remembrance. It happened to take place on the 128th year since the BNA (British North America Act of 1967 for Canada), which is “two” to the seventh power. I agree with David.

On July 1, 1987 I was "chicken-sitting" 1500 chickens on a farm in Wetaskiwin, Alberta. For ten years excessive rain – seed-time and harvest had been causing bankruptcies for the farmers of Northern Alberta. The family I was staying with treated me like the great woman of Shunem treated Elisha. I asked God if He wouldn't do for my hosts what Elisha did for her, by in God's name granting her a son. God uncovered the cause of "the judgment of rain," and led the five First Nations Peoples of the Hobbema Reservation to grant forgiveness for the death of one of their people in a fight with white men ten years previous. God lifted the rain judgment from the first Wednesday of September of that year well into December. Meteorologists and others across Canada noted the unusual cessation of rain judgment after ten years, and how every farmer in Northern Alberta was at last able to harvest their crops, prepare the land for spring seeding, and mend fences and other chores.

Why else do I believe that it is consistent for Evangelical believers to expect a last day national revival for Canada? Because of "The One New Man" concept of Ephesians 2:15 (11-22). We read in Jeremiah 31:31-34 that God promised the New Covenant for the house of Israel and Judah. We as Gentiles according to the apostle Paul in Romans 11 have been as wild olive branches grafted into the roots from which Israel as the natural branches were temporarily broken off. It is now our privilege as the Church, the One New Man of Jew and Gentile – to pray for the remnant of Israel to be born again in a day, and grafted back in with us.

But both the book of Genesis and Paul in Acts 17:26 declare that it is not man that planned the nations and their land boundaries, but GOD, just as he has for Israel. There in Zechariah 14:15-19, the prophet foretells that when Jesus the Lord and Messiah returns and reestablishes the Feast of Tabernacles for all nations of the earth – any nation that does not appear annually for this, rain will be withheld from that nation as a judgment! So it is not man but God that raised up Canada as a picture of "Community" for the last days. Puritan prophets from England warned American soldiers not to hinder National Empire Loyalists from trekking to Canada at great personal cost following America's withdrawal from the British Empire. God will bless America in independency they declared – but He has chosen Canada for a special role in the last days preceding the return of Christ.

So I warmheartedly receive the concerns of Grant Corriveau. One is entitled to have such personal concerns, and deserves courteous and cogent consideration. I trust that the above brief insights – and my part in expressing my personal convictions concerning faith in a coming national revival for Canada to fulfill God's purposes on her behalf – may perhaps be helpful, not only for Grant, but for other fellow Canadians also.

James and Marie Watt are the founders of Two Are Better Than One Ministries based in Federal Way, Washington. E-mail: or Phone: 253.874.4265. Fax: 253.474.0189.

Originally published on, January 12, 2011.

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