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Entertainment Arts - 2009 Archive

Prodigal God to Hit the Stage
Brian Doerksen's theatrical production, Prodigal God, will hit the stage next February in the Vancouver area, then tour Canada.

Passion Play Gears Up for Midsummer Run
The Alberta Badlands Passion Play continues to be one of Alberta’s key attractions. A vacation stop-over, the play begins July 10th.

Strokes of God
At age 14, Akiane travels the world, conducts interviews with magazines and appears on national television shows. Her masterpieces displayed at renowned galleries are worth millions.

Can Cy Twombly be Trusted?
Why is it that we can look at incomprehensible equations of a physicist and assume there is meaning to them, but we can’t look at some forms of art and assume the same?

The Saint John’s Bible – A Historic Achievement
A replica of the Gospels and Acts from the first handwritten, illuminated Bible commissioned in 500 years, will be on view following a public lecture on April 16, 2009.

An Inspirational Event
“An educated person... must know what the Annunciation is, to know what is depicted in some of the greatest paintings and icons made by the hand of man” (David Warren).

Pax Packs Peaceful Punch
A Mennonite comic book artist has invented a non-violent heroine.

Q&A with Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin, Arts Theorist
“…Art can and should give us a heightened experience and understanding of the world we encounter through our senses.”




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