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News Webitorials - 2009


“Religious Orientation” before the Ontario Courts 
This case has nothing to do with sexual orientation, but rather the ability of a recognized religious community to define its own beliefs, practices and standards of membership.

The Federal Government Giveth … and the Minister of International Cooperation Taketh Away 
Without notice, the federal government eliminated funding for a 35-year partnership with KAIROS, a gathering of Christian denominations and ministries working together on human rights and development issues overseas.

Be it Resolved... That no Canadian child should live in poverty 
Twenty years after Parliament committed to end child poverty in Canada, 1 in 10 still do.

How Assisted Suicide Would Change Canada’s Legal Landscape
The right to assisted suicide would necessarily lead to the duty of one Canadian to kill another.

A Physician’s Duty of Care to an Unborn Child
Two strongly-worded decisions out of British Columbia and Ontario have sought to set the record straight.

Can Prostitution be a Safe, Legal Career Option?
Would legalizing prostitution to make it socially acceptable for men to purchase women for sexual services be a step forward in protecting vulnerable, victimized women?

The Curious Case of Winston Blackmore – Polygamy Charges Thrown Out 
To be clear, the Criminal Code prohibitions against polygamy remain.

How Canadian Evangelicals Voted 
The past decade has experienced a shift of Evangelical support away from the Liberal party. Should this trend be interpreted as the growth of a Canadian "religious right"?

Back to School: Abortion Pop Quiz
As Canadians, we need to talk intelligently about abortion and debate it as we would any other issue.

Quebec: Abortion and Euthanasia
The Quebec government has quickly reversed its decision to require the same operating standards of abortion clinics as it requires of other surgical procedures.

Big News from Quebec on Abortion and Euthanasia
These issues, which deal with the value of human life from conception to natural death, were given prominence in the Quebec newspapers recently.

Seven Days of Significant Change on the Landscape of Religious Freedom in Canada 
Recent events will affect deliberations of tribunals and courts across the country with respect to claims made by and against religious communities.

On a Personal Note: Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and Abortion
These issues affect your life whether or not you realize it just yet.

It Matters What Others Think
The Global documentary, Hip 2 B Holy, presented a “kinder and gentler face” of Evangelicals than generally is portrayed by the media.

Rock Stars, Government Policy, and Poverty Reduction
This is the curious case of Parliament seemingly ignoring itself and choosing a direction on policy contrary to legislation unanimously passed by the House a year ago.

No Talk of Sex, Please
When talking about issues of sex, parliamentarians advise caution. There's a time to accept the will of Parliament - but not always.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Keeping Our Promises
We should take corporate accountability and corporate social responsibility seriously. We are all implicated in any action that harms another if we do nothing to try to stop it.

One Day in Court: the Importance of Being There
The day was a reminder that the role of the Christian faith perspective remains important in Canadian life, law and society.

Is There a Place for Christians in Today’s Leadership of a Nation?
As Canada walks through its current stages of growth, some have suggested the Christian contribution should either be ignored, eliminated or at best confined.

Above My Pay Grade
We need a consistent foundation of understanding regarding the uniqueness and the value of human life in order to place proper limits on scientific exploration of the creation and sustainability of that life.

India’s Christians – The Violence Continues
Religiously motivated violence against Christians in India shows little sign of slowing. Will this year’s national elections bring relief?

The Debate is Over - Or Is It?
When do the public debates about fundamental and foundational issues come to an end? And who gets to declare them over? As long as there is not unanimity, it seems that discussion and debate will continue.

Atheist Bus Ads – Religion in the Public Square
It appears atheists are welcoming a discussion of religion in the public square. That’s really good news!

Polygamy – Is it for Everyone?
How long will it take until the Supreme Court has a decision? Can an argument of “religious freedom” succeed in removing polygamy from the Criminal Code? Here are some answers.




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