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Social Issue News - 2009 Archive

Godly Work, Godly People
“The work of Christian Horizons cannot be divorced from its moral underpinnings…”

Pro-Family Groups Allowed to Intervene in Prostitution Challenge 
Promoters of prostitution claim that present laws jeopardize the safety of prostitutes and force them to rely on criminal elements for protection.

Long-term Care Homes and the Baby Boomers
What will Baby-Boomers, arriving at long-term care facilities expect of them and how are these homes preparing to respond?

The Rights of Test Tube Babies
There is much to praise in a recent report that describes the current state of Ontario's adoption and assisted reproduction systems, but it also raises serious ethical problems.

The Abortion Issue We’re Ignoring
It’s time the mounting epidemiological data around induced abortion that links it to preterm birth, autism and cerebral palsy is publicized.

The Strange Double Standards of Abortion
To have weak anti-abortion legislation in the US, and no anti-abortion law in Canada, breeds martyrs on the extremes and makes the rest of us into hypocrites.

When Death Loses Its Moral Context
Approval for euthanasia muffles our proper emotional response to a person's passing.

"In the Crowded Rooms of a Mind Unclear"
“What's that guy doing up on the scaffolding on a Sunday? I wondered. And then I saw the police tape on the side streets and the truth became chillingly clear” (Doug Koop).

Drug Courts and Justice
Do drug treatment courts help curb drug use and crime?

Human Trafficking Report
Bill C-268, an act to amend the Criminal Code, (minimum sentences involving trafficking of persons under the age of 18) is now in Parliament.

Internet Porn Crisis
Internet pornography has not only infiltrated the church – it has set up camp. Only the power of God can set people free.

The Next Moral Quagmire: Conscience
Beliefs can’t be privatized. They have bearing on action. Beliefs and action collide when politics dictates action.

Women Deserve Better than Abortion
Rather than the service of convenience it is, abortion should be a serious moral decision, undertaken with a heavy heart and with all options carefully weighed beforehand.

The Ethics of Allowing Babies to Die
Parents have the primary right to decide for their children, but that right is not absolute. The baby Phoebe case is important in clarifying disabled babies' rights to medical care.

Dying as the Last Great Act of Living
What impact would legalizing euthanasia have on the possibility of our experiencing death as “the last great act of living?”

Christians Unite to Deter Olympics Sex Traffickers
Human trafficking is starting to compete in second place for profits from organized criminal activity globally.

MP Joins Fray Against Child Sex Trade
Joy Smith believes God has called her to push for tougher laws against sexual predators who lure pre-teen children into prostitution.

Operating on Faith
A story on a pro-life Catholic website recently claimed a Catholic hospital is performing abortions. There is a difference between abortion and induction, the hospital points out.

12-Year-Old Stuns Pro-Choice Teacher and School with Pro-Life Presentation
“Lia’s” speech won her the opportunity to participate in a region-wide contest. A video of the speech on YouTube has sparked debate and has been viewed more than 400,000 times.

Bountiful Polygamy Case Sets off Alarm Bells
Evangelicals express concern that the trial will lead to polygamy’s legalization in Canada.

Daycare and the Federal Government
The policy debate on daycare and parenting and how to integrate the two to help families flourish needs an ideas infusion in Canada.




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