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International News - 2009 Archive

Oral Roberts: The Man Who Obeyed God 
Roberts helped bring spirit-filled charismatic Christianity into the mainstream and pioneered TV evangelism. He died in California at age 91 on Tuesday, December 15, 2009.

UN Resolution Threatens Freedom of Expression
Canada's representative at the UN will vote against a resolution to stifle criticism of Islam and curtail freedom of expression.

Vancouver church helping Iranian Christians
Persecuted Christians in Iran, Marzieh and Maryam, have been released from prison. Christian are severely persecuted in Iran.

O Jerusalem
The Israeli government is experiencing strong pressure to halt all Jewish housing developments in communities beyond the East Jerusalem border. A video message.

Ready for War
Due to escalation in the threat of conflict, this year Israel’s population is participating in the most extensive war preparations in Israel's history. A video message.

Days of Awe
With the threat of war on the horizon, tensions are high in Israel. At times like these Israelis appreciate Christians who continue to come faithfully for the Feast of Tabernacles. See it on video.

Two Christian Women Imprisoned in Iran...
New converts, the women accused of anti-government activity were not formally charged, but could be imprisoned for life.

Pakistani Christians Worldwide Protest Gojra Killings
Pakistani Christians gathered at Queen’s Park to condemn the recent murders of Christians in Pakistan and called on the international community’s help.

Victory Dance
Israeli youth offset high profile political meetings and mounting international pressure to carve up Jerusalem, with a powerful message of their own. See it on video.

Canadians Set to Sponsor Palestinian Refugees
The refugees who have been denied asylum and rights in Iraq are extremely vulnerable and in poorly situated camps. Mennonite church are helping with sponsorship.

China Imprisons ‘Hero’ for Crime of Giving out Bibles
Man praised as model citizen gets three-year sentence for violating publishing law

WEA Recruits South Korea's Largest Church Alliance
The World Evangelical Alliance has expanded to include a church alliance representing 64 denominations and 21 organizations.

Christian Morality Meets Philosophical Objections
Christian institutions that require prospective faculty and staff to sign faith statements are under discussion.

MCC Raises Afghanistan Concerns with Canadian Prime Minister
The Mennonite Central Committee has expressed concern to Ottawa that involving the military in aid work has endangered the lives of aid workers and civilian recipients.

Canada Urged to Act to Avert Food Crisis
The Canadian FoodGrains Bank is asking Canadians to grow food, donate to food banks, and ask their MPs to make food a legal right.

The Rise of Christophobia
Christianity is considered fair game for criticism and even denigration.

Pope's Invitation Could be Important Catalyst for Reconciliation
Canada's aboriginal leaders hope to turn the page on the tragic legacy of Indian Residential Schools.

Todd Bentley Begins Restoration Process
Pastors Rick Joyner, Jack Deere and Bill Johnson extend God’s love and grace to fallen Canadian evangelist, Todd Bentley.

Winds of Change
If Netanyahu is indeed successful in forming a coalition in the near future, he will once again be awarded the top job – Prime Minister of Israel. See it in video.

Publisher Suspends Release of Christian Encyclopedia
Anti-Christian lobbyists claim many entries are too Christian, too orthodox, too anti-secular, too anti-Muslim and not politically correct enough for being used in universities.

Atheist Recommends God
What did a British journalist encounter that confounded his ideology, refused to fit his world view and embarrassed his growing belief that there is no God?

In the Steps of a Warrior
The earliest known Hebrew text was unearthed in Israel recently. The writing dates 1000 years before the Dead Sea Scrolls.

A Poster Couple in Applied Christianity
When a missionary couple to Kenya were severely attacked and wounded, they forgave their attackers. Seven months later, their forgiveness still holds.






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