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Fires of Fury
All the elements of fiction: the love triangle, the villain and the suspense, in the end make this novel a satisfying read.

Donna Dawson, an Ontario author of suspense novels, adds romance into her latest book. The main character, Katherine Matheson, has lost her husband in an apparent suicide. In her grief, she inadvertently becomes involved with Jason Wolfe, a police officer investigating the death.


The romantic interest is quickly complicated by Bev Jarvis, a temptress. She had been involved with Katherine’s late husband, which had compromised the marriage before his death, and now she tries the same with Jason.

Police officer/romancer Jason Wolfe has a belief in God, although we are never sure how deep it is. His belief encourages Katherine to retrieve her faith in God, which she had put aside because of the unfaithfulness of her husband. Near the end of the book, she escapes from a flame-engulfed cabin with an appeal to God that has an unfortunate foxhole feel to it. Yet her prayer and ensuing peace do leave echoes of the thief on the cross appealing to Jesus’ mercy.

The setting, a fictitious Ontario town close to known cities and highways, may give a “homey” familiarity to Ontario readers. All of the familiar elements of genre fiction can also be found in the novel: the development of the love triangle, the villain and his devious designs, the suspense and (perhaps less favourably) the minimal development of the secondary characters.

Inquisitive readers may also be left disappointed by some unanswered questions: How does a very small town have a police force? How is that force able to get DNA so quickly?

Where is the police chief? But such quibbles aside, the happy ending should leave the reader with a satisfied sigh.

Originally published in Faith Today, July/August 2010. This book may be ordered from New Scroll Books.

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