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Cultivating community

Community is important. The Vanier Institute has concluded that society has changed to one that favours the development of problematic rather than pro-social behaviours in children. How did that happen? asks Paul Robertson in his article, “The Great Family Meltdown.” Divorce, single-parent families, absentee fathers – all contribute to this problem. In such cases community can be the solution.

Not only single parents, but all of us, need community. What is authentic Christian community and how do we cultivate it in the 21st Century? World Vision’s WorldWatch shares the insights of experts on the nature of community and how to cultivate it. Being part of a community consisting of friends and colleagues is especially important for church leaders. Willard Metzger, World Vision’s director for church relations, offers reasons why that’s so.

What’s the key to community? Relationships, in every case. When Blair Bates and his wife Brenda sought God’s direction in ministry, He led them in a few short years to develop a specialized outreach through relationships to the unique cowboy community prevalent in southern British Columbia.

And here is a group conscious of its impact on the broader community to which it belongs. CrossTrainers Canada, based in Winnipeg, brings local churches together to meet needs in the community. This August they are undertaking an “extreme home makeover.” They are sprucing up the interior of a low-income housing complex to boost the morale of residents.

One more highlight: check out the story about coffee that fights slavery. Cardus published an article on Storyville Coffee. The company gives away millions each year to the International Justice Mission to rescue victims of slavery and human trafficking.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor




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