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A subject of intense interest

Is there sex in Heaven? “We can’t know what sex in Heaven is unless we know what sex is. We can’t know what in Heaven's name sex is unless we know what on earth sex is,” says Peter Kreeft. “There is no subject in the world about which there is more heat and less light,” he adds, and offers four abstract philosophical principles about the nature of sex.

Here’s something interesting. Have we entered the post-sexual-liberty era? Hot news from CNN! According to writer Rusty Wright, “Some university students are giving up casual sex because they find it’s not fulfilling. Is casual sex losing its zing?” he asks. A segment of our “sexually suicidal society,” as Kreeft puts it, has apparently become disenchanted with its boundless freedoms.

Freedom born of material wealth can’t satisfy either. True wealth, says Phil Callaway, is in relationships. Relationships make us wealthy beyond price, but broken relationships result in disappointment, discouragement and depression – something we are quite familiar with. Dr. Grant Mullen identifies a fact we may not know. Christians, he says, experience depression more intensely than those without faith. He explains why.

Two news highlights this week:

First, a conference with a difference: God is summoning Christian women to spread a message of revival across Canada and to the nations, says a small Toronto church. They are holding an international women's conference in Toronto from July 29 to August 1 to release women who attend in their God-given leadership and ministry callings and destinies.

Second, what is the meaning of the Queen’s visit to Toronto’s St. James Cathedral? Lorna Dueck talks about Her Majesty’s spiritual adventure.

It’s time to cool off at the pool or lakeside. Enjoy your reading and please visit our homepage for more selections.


Daina Doucet, Online Editor




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