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Peace that restores

Clearly, our world is full of conflict of every type, but we want peace.

Colombia, for example, a land of staggering contrasts, is known for drug lords, kidnappers, rebels and civil war. It is also “one of the world’s most violent mission fields,” yet the people who live simply want to raise their families in peace.

The country needs God, we would say. Only He gives lasting peace. Living Light News tells the story of the family of Gil and Kim Ahrens who were celebrating one day and clinging to life the next. But even in the midst of life-changing tragedy and its aftermath, with God they found it possible to experience peace that restores.

“Peace I give to you, not as the world gives…” In any situation, we too are meant to impart the peace Christ offers. As God’s children, we are to be peacemakers in the world. One such example is the effort of Kenny Blacksmith and the Forgiven Summit held recently in Ottawa. The hope is for reconciliation and peace to emerge from the forgiveness expressed toward the government concerning the residential school tragedy of years gone by. “Let the healing begin,” declares Paul Schratz, editor of BC Catholic. The truth and reconciliation process over the next five years is aimed at helping the victims move beyond the pain to “peace that restores.”

Peace is this week’s theme, but we’ve also like to point you to two additional selections. First, the World Cup has peaked the interest of Christian fans. A number of high profile players have one thing in common – their faith! And they have chosen to make it a matter of public record.

Also, please see a video on Vimeo with Faye Sonier, legal counsel for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Faye speaks about important Life Issues – physician assisted suicide, abortion, euthanasia – and her personal life experiences in relation to them.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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