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Facebook time vs Face time

Face time” – how important it is! Church used to be the local social gathering place, but now, social networking sites like Facebook have taken over and churches have lost ground. It’s our loss. Networking sites, without face-to-face interaction offer only an illusion of relationship.

Face-to-face interaction is, after all, the substance of relationship. “Face time” is therefore just as important in family life. For example, have you looked past your kids at more important stuff instead of at them when they’re talking to you? Read the insights of a dad who shares his experience about the importance of “face time” with kids.

We want to be good parents, but we get distracted with “stuff.” How can we be good parents in these challenging times? Paul Robertson, a youth culture specialist with Youth Unlimited, writes specifically to fathers. Fatherhood, he says, takes on a much greater sense of importance than in prior generations because our kids are facing more complicated and challenging times as well.

Ruth Smith Meyer offers a candid insight into the effect a father can have on the life of a child. She tells a wonderfully inspirational story of her own life-mission to hear her father say, I love you. Life is just like lace, she says. It’s full of holes that can’t be filled. But when God gets involved in creating the final product, the result is beautiful.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





  • Redeemer University - Christian university changes everything. Starting with you.

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