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A Small Church Undertakes a Mighty Vision
A Toronto church believes God is summoning His daughters, Christian women worldwide, to embrace their God-given leadership and ministry callings and carry the message of revival to the nations. 

Organizers of the Worldwide Mighty Women’s Conference to be held at the University of Toronto from July 29 to August 1, 2010, believe they have been called of God to do something different. And that might be true.

Virginie Kasweka

Jesus of Bethlehem Worship Centre (JOBWC), a Toronto ministry whose members have immigrated from Africa, believe God has called them to organize an international women’s conference. It is undergirded by men who believe in the vision that women should be released into ministry.

“This conference is about empowering women in the Spirit to carry the message of Jesus’ return around the world and equipping them to train other women,” says Virginie Kasweka a member of JOBWC who received the vision for the event. “Right now so many women are asleep to their true callings and destinies.”

Kasweka believes God is summoning women, to embrace a revelation of their callings. “The work of the ministry has mostly been the responsibility of men, but I believe God is saying He now wants to use women in ministry leadership alongside men. Women need someone to wake them up, to influence them and tell them, God needs you. God wants to use you for His kingdom and His glory.”

Women are responding enthusiastically. Carmela Real, originally from the Philippines, but now in sales and marketing in New York says, ”I’m in a place of transition. Reading the vision awakened and rekindled my passion to be transformed and anchored again in my identity and destiny in Jesus. I want to attend.” 

Men are receptive. “Many men around the globe have responded positively to the invitation to support this conference. They understand that it expresses a revelation from God,” says JOBWC’s senior pastor Chris Asman. He supports the vision scripturally:

“Before Christ came God announced His intentions concerning His coming to several women first. He may follow the same pattern again for His second coming. That’s why it’s important for men in the Church to respect and release women to minister what God puts on their hearts.”

Lighthouse Church International, Waterdown, Ontario, has come alongside the Toronto congregation to help with the event. “I thought, just another women’s conference, till I realized how unique it will be,” says senior pastor Carsten Schwarm. “I was touched by the simple and pure nature of the quiet and shy African woman who bore this vision and by the heart of the church that has carried it forward.”

To date more than 350 from Africa and Europe are committed to attend, and governmental delegates from Ghana and Congo are confirmed.

To register, and for more information, visit the website,  

Originally published on the JOBWC website, July 2010.

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