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Our heart's desire

What’s really the heart’s desire of every true believer in Christ?

Isn’t it to share God’s love with their neighbour? More than a dozen evangelical churches in Kitchener/Waterloo are currently doing that, and finding it a joy to reach out.

Isn’t it to share the message that God knows our cry for truth and eternity and has an answer? Here’s an example. Rob discovered Truthmedia’s ministry of connecting believers in the West with seekers in the East via e-mail. Anyone can do it, he says. Be a missionary in your own home!

And then there’s the Billy Graham Association’s latest project. They have found a light-hearted and creative way to point people to Christ. Their faith-based Soul Chat commercials invite conversations with Canadians of all ages and backgrounds.

On another topic, and while it’s still fresh, here are some post-Mother’s Day reflections: Mother’s Day can be a difficult and emotionally-charged time for many, says Dr. Donna J. Mann. It’s important for churches to approach it with sensitivity.

National Post’s columnist Barbara Kay has a different take on Mother’s Day. A hundred years ago motherhood was the “near-universal destiny of most women,” she writes, but women wanted to be sexually liberated “from nature’s implacable laws.” Then came, The Pill, invented 50 years ago (albeit a medically unsafe alternative). It should have made women happy, but did it? Only the Roman Catholic Church predicted where it would lead, she concludes.

And here’s an invitation. If your desire is not only for the people in your own sphere of influence come to Christ, but for God’s love to touch larger segments of Canadian society, join in the Global Day of Prayer to be held on May 23 this year. Churches and individual believers are encouraged to participate.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





  • Redeemer University - Christian university changes everything. Starting with you.

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