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Mission and relationships


o be “missional” means to be “relational.” This week Keith Elford, Bishop of the Free Methodist Church of Canada, offers some relational essentials to every church and individual who seeks to be missional.

We find a stunning example of what it means to be missional and relational in Roland and Heidi Baker’s ministry in Mozambique. Revival is a lifestyle among the 10,000 churches they have launched in that country. Relationships are key among Iris Ministries pastors and the orphans they have rescued, all of whom they shower with love personally. “More fire! More signs and wonders! More gifts of the Spirit! … More fruit! Let's share the Kingdom and never settle for average, mundane ‘normal!’” says Roland Baker.

Closer to home, a Vancouver church is sharing Christ in a unique way. Church members have developed relationships as a result of a garden without walls. The garden, with its produce, connects the church with its surrounding community.

On an individual level, Billy Smith will testify that relationships are key based on his own experience. As a result of his relationship with a Salvation Army worker, he was delivered of bitterness and addiction and raised up to new life in Christ. Let’s offer others what Christ extends to us – relationship!

Also this week, please note some key developments in the news! 

Journalist Marci McDonald author of The Armageddon Factor, warns Canadians that there is a dangerous “Christian right” arising in Canada. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has issued a public statement rejecting McDonald’s charge that Canadian Evangelicals are working to establish a theocratic government where "non-believers have no place.” Dr. Margaret Somerville discusses underlying issues. “Freedom of religion,” she says, “doesn't mean freedom from religion—we should hear all voices on issues that shape society's values.”

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor




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