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Clue #6 – Word
Here's another question for a spiritual detective: If there’s a God, would He contact us? If He did contact us, how would He talk to us? Part Six of nine. 

For an introduction to this series of nine clues, see Clueless.

I’m hope you’re still interested in clues that help you find out about God. When you make a decision to be a spiritual detective, you’ve got to use your smarts (you’ve got lots) to figure out, Is there really a God? If so, what’s He like? Some of our clues have helped you answer the first question, Is there a God. But the second one, What’s this God like? we haven’t answered yet.


Let’s do some detecting now, but maybe we should review, so we remember what came before.

So far we have listed clues to see if they show there’s a God, like the clue of design around us – fingerprints, for instance. This clue points to a designer. Remember we asked, Does the designer have a design, a plan for my life?

We looked at the tons of information packed into the designs – like in DNA. It made us wonder, Who put the information there? Was it a person? Is He connecting with me?


We looked at the beauty clue – beauty in a rose; in my baby grand-daughter. We asked, does this clue point to an artist? Could it be I’m His masterpiece?

And we examined complexity and laws – lots of clues there! I hope the investigation has made you decide something: Yes, I’m pretty well convinced there’s a God.

Let’s say God is already communicating to us in two ways: through the world around us, His creation – that would be one way. And through our conscience within us (remember we talked about actions we know are wrong – like torturing babies). That would be another.

Coffee and Donuts

There’s a third way God communicates. Let’s sit down at a detective table and talk, you and I. Maybe in a doughnut shop, ‘cuz policemen like doughnuts so much! We’ll put our clues on the table and fit them together.

Can we find a pattern?

I ask you, If there’s a God, would He contact us? If He’s talking to us, how’s He doing it?

You ask, How would we respond if He’s talking?

You and I could chat about this. What kind of God is He?  Do I need to do anything about Him? Clue #6 will help figure this out. It’s called Word.

God uses words to communicate with us to show He’s real.


First, a question we could ask: How do people communicate with each other? Any guesses? Lots of ways. Gestures, for sure. We point. We shrug our shoulders and smile or frown. We wink (but not at strange men, right?). Hugs – that’s another way, but with a tiger? Strange! All these are ways of communicating, but they’re limited.

What do we do mostly? We speak to each other. We communicate with words. Lots of words! Hundreds in a day, if you’re a man. Thousands, if you’re a woman (sorry – just having fun saying that). It takes words for me to get to know you, doesn’t it? Words you say to me; words you write that I read.

Imagine if you gave me your journal to read. It’s packed with information about your activities, your deepest thoughts, your loves and hates, your relationships. You wrote it all down and handed it to me saying, Paul, if you want to get to know me, read this! Then if I read your journal, I’d really know you. Really, really know you if you wrote down everything about yourself.


Christians say that’s what the Bible is – it’s God’s Journal. Let’s call it that. His inner thoughts, what He’s like, what He thinks about us and about the universe He created, are all recorded there. The Bible is sometimes called God’s Word. Could it be the clue to another way He’s communicating with us?

Christians say, Yes! The Bible’s full of stories and songs (called Psalms), and wise sayings and history. It teaches us what this God we spiritual detectives are searching for is like. You read and find out He’s incredibly kind, and loving. He really loves you – that’s why He made you!

And we discover more – like why the world is in such a mess; why we are all far from Him and can’t find Him.

The Bible helps us understand that this isn’t the world God picked for us. It’s the world we picked for ourselves – full of fighting, abuse, hate and cruelty. Best of all, in the Bible we discover that God has a plan to bring us back to Himself through Jesus.

What’s this God like that we’ve been detecting?


The first sentence of the Bible already gives us lots of insights: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1.1). We discover that this universe had a beginning. God, therefore, must have existed before everything started. This means He’s eternal.

Another insight: God must be a person because He’s a creator. You need a mind to create. Rocks don’t do much creating, right? Not at all. And this: if God made everything, He must be fabulously creative and incredibly smart. By the way, this helps us recognize He made us too. But why did He? Hmmm…

Clue #6, then, is the Bible. God gave us His Journal, the Bible, to show us who He is. It helps us understand Him and understand ourselves. We get to know Him through the Bible. Christians act as spiritual detectives by examining the Bible. They search through this clue, the Bible, and all the other clues fit together. The Bible changes their lives as they get to know God.

It changed my life too! I’ll help you explore this clue called the Bible, if you want. I want you to get to know the God who wrote it and open your heart to Him – like I did when I was young.

In the next clue we’ll find out what we can learn from the Bible about who God is. Then we’ll examine the clue that pulls everything else together: Jesus!

Hope clue #6 helps! Any questions?

Paul Johnson, SHARE,, Cell: 403.816.6981.

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Originally published on the website, Spiritual Detective Clues, 2009. Reprinted in Baptist Horizon, beginning May/June 2009.

Used with permission. Copyright © 2010

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