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It’s not all good

News stories and commentary concerning social issues are in the forefront this week. It’s a big story that the CRCT has sanctioned “a Canadian pay TV pornography channel that will encourage and sustain a homegrown adult entertainment industry.” Christians expressed dismay at the station's potential to lure young Canadians.

Another big story is that Bloc Quebecois MP Francine Lalonde's private member's Bill C-384 promoting euthanasia went down to a resounding defeat by a House of Commons vote of 228 to 59.

The Canadian government's decision to champion maternal health internationally continues to lead to debate about abortion funding. With so much need for improved health care for women and children in the developing world, there is plenty the G8 can accomplish if it is not sabotaged by the abortion issue, says Dr. Margaret Somerville.

“It’s not all good,” asserts Barbara Kay for the National Post. She could well be referring to the spectrum of current news stories, but she is referring to sex education in schools. “Multisexualism,” a term she has coined, “teaches that all sexual behaviours and lifestyles are of equal social worth....” She argues against it.

Sociologist Reginald Bibby, on the other hand, argues on behalf of the Catholic Church. The Ipsos-Reid poll was flawed and distorts the scope of sexual abuse Canadians have experienced by a Catholic priest. “The results are hardly 'shocking' when you look at how the questions were framed,” he says.

But there is good news! Indigenous people have a lot to teach us, says Dr. John Valk, professor of worldview studies. We can gain by taking a fresh and appreciative look at how they look at life and the world.

And here’s something you may not know. Who invented basketball? Dr. James Naismith – a believer and a Canadian!

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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