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Clue #5: Laws
We live in a universe of laws – physical laws, like gravity. Relationship laws, like no-cheating. A spiritual detective must assume, Where there’s a law, there’s a law-maker. Part Five of nine. 

For an introduction to this series of nine clues, see Clueless.

We’ve got four clues so far. Spiritual detectives, we are! Remember them all? Want a quiz?  

#1__________, #2__________

#3__________, #4__________

(I’ll list them at the bottom, k?)

I hope you’re starting to say, Yes, the clues show me there’s a God, and, yes, I must do something about Him!

Here’s the next clue: clue #5 – laws. How come there are laws all around us? Where did they come from? That’s what we spiritual detectives are going to investigate.

Let’s say we’re out driving and as usual. I’m speeding. You might frown at me and say, Paul, slow down! You’re breaking the law! But I answer, What law? There’s no law. I can go as fast as I want.

You look out the car window.  See that sign?  That’s the law.

That sign’s just numbers, I say. It’s graffiti. It doesn’t mean anything! But if I’m not careful, I’ll soon find out the sign does mean something, and you’ll be smiling, not frowning. (When the policeman pulls me over, that is!)

I told you so, Paul! you’ll say, but I tell the policeman, What law? There are no laws.

He’ll point at the sign and say, Can’t you read, you idiot? That’s the law!

A detective would ask a logical question. OK, there’s a speed sign – it’s the law. Who made the law?

Easy answer: the government. They made it. If I break the speed limit, I’m in big trouble!

There are more than speeding laws in our world. There are laws in nature. Lots of them. Like the T-shirt says, “Gravity – that’s a law in nature.” Things fall down, not up – that’s a good way to describe gravity. Well, to be more accurate it’s the force that pulls things together. Gravity affects everything in the universe. It affects us when we trip on the stairs (we only tumble down, not up). It affects the rain. We call it rainfall for a reason. The moon is affected too. Gravity keeps it circling the earth.

Just like the speeding law, I can’t ignore the gravity law. If I don’t obey it, I’ll get in big trouble. Can you think of an example? A detective asks, Hmmm, this law of gravity. Where did it come from? Governments make speeding-laws. Who made the law of gravity?

There are laws concerning people too. These laws are true. We know it deep inside, and we should obey them. Can you think of any? Here’s one: is it ever right to torture a little baby? No!  Never.

Imagine if we took a trip around the world, stopped in lots of countries and interviewed people. We asked everyone, Do you torture babies for fun around here? What would they answer? They’d stare at us and say, Are you nuts? That’s so sick! So wrong!

How come? We spiritual detectives ask a logical question. We know it’s wrong to torture a child, but who made the law that it’s wrong? Or this one. Is it ever right to tie someone up, stab them, pull out their heart and sacrifice them to the god? No! Never. 

Some cultures did this – like the Aztecs. But we know it’s not right. It’s wrong to kill someone for a god. Torturing babies. Killing people for a god-sacrifice. They’re both wrong. Someone must have made a law that says, Don’t do this. Who?

There are other laws in relationships we have with people. Let’s say you and I are related – we’re identical twins. (I know – I’m not Chinese; I’m a million years older – so we can’t be identical!) Still, let’s change my name to Pat and pretend. Ready for the bad news?

Mom and Dad love me lots, but not you! Mom bought you clothes, sure, but got me tons more – designer ones!

Dad gave you $20 to spend for yourself. That made you happy. Happy, that is, until you learned he gave me – guess how much! $200! What’s your reaction?  Can I guess? You’ll say, It’s not fair, Pat! You’re just like me. How come you get treated better?

A detective asks, Where’s this “fair” coming from? This “law” against spoiling one child? Who made that law?

Same with cheating. Say you and I are writing the same exam – a really hard one: calculus – that’s hard! We both study the same amount, but I cheat and get 99 percent. You don’t cheat. When you get your exam back, you see a big fat 54 percent. (It’s a really hard exam, remember?)

Will you complain to the teacher? Yes! It’s not fair, Mrs. Smith! My brother Pat cheated! A spiritual detective, listening in on the conversation, says, Hmmm. Fair? Where’s this “fair” idea come from? Is there a law against cheating? Who made that law?

Clue #5 says we live in a universe of laws – physical laws, like gravity. Laws for humans, like no-cheating. Where there’s a law, there’s a law-maker. Here’s what Christians say: That law-maker is God.

God made the physical laws like gravity (and lots of others – magnetism, for instance). God made relationship laws (like don’t spoil one twin, and don’t cheat) and lots more too. God’s the law-maker.

We’re supposed to be the law-keepers. We should obey His laws or…or else we’re in big trouble!

Now for the hard question. (Detectives ask hard questions when they investigate clues.)

When I broke the speeding law, what happened? Big trouble! I got to meet the police.

What happens when I break the gravity law? Big trouble! Like the sign shows, I meet the fishes.

Here’s our hard question. If I break God’s laws, what happens? Any ideas? It’s really important to find out the answer.

As spiritual detectives we’re learning there’s a real God and He’s the law-maker, and If I break His laws, I’m in big trouble.

At ROOTS we help students understand how much trouble we’re in, and how to get out of trouble through Jesus – how to get God’s love, instead. Hopefully, we can help you to do that too!

Paul Johnson, SHARE,, Cell: 403.816.6981.

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Originally published on the website, Spiritual Detective Clues, 2009. Reprinted in Baptist Horizon, beginning May/June 2009.

Used with permission. Copyright © 2010




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