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Covering Israel
Record-breaking rainfall precedes Israel’s national war preparation effort. A video message.

This news story can be viewed in video format on the Acts News Network.

Rain – an unusual sight in Israel.

During the few remaining days of Israel’s rainy season many parts of the nation experienced heavy rainfall, flooding and even hail. The result – a significant boost to the nation’s water reservoir.

Officials are quick to assure that the effort is solely precautionary...

According to the Israeli Meteorological Service, most regions in Israel received a substantial increase in rain compared to the norm for this time period. With five months left in Israel’s meteorological calendar year, Jerusalem recorded 12 percent more rainfall than in previous years. The coastal area of Haifa has already by-passed the total statistical norm expected for the entire year.

For many it’s an important sign that God has not forgotten Israel. A timely reminder as the Israel Defense Force Home Front Command gears up to prepare the nation for a non-conventional enemy attack.

With the help of the Israeli postal system distribution centre, the Israeli government has begun the process of providing every Israeli citizen with a gas mask kit. Officials are quick to assure that the effort is solely precautionary and unrelated to current security threats or intelligence assessments.

“It was a decision of the Israel government, a year ago, to give the population of Israel the masks to [keep] at home,” explained Meirav Lapidot, Spokesperson for the Israeli Postal Authority. “It is easier in emergency times to just take it out of the cupboard and have it rather than distribute it [during a time of emergency].”

The first distribution centre to open its doors was in Or Yehuda, just east of Tel Aviv.

For some Israelis there was genuine appreciation for the efforts being made by the Israeli government for their safety.

“Our country really thinks about people, about the citizens of the state,” asserted Tony, a recent immigrant from the Former Soviet Union. “I came from Russia and there they think about people after the fact.”

For others like Salima Mizrachi, a grandmother, the precautionary effort was a sobering reminder.

“The gas masks are not going to help. Last time my grandchild refused to wear his mask for over an hour,” said this longstanding resident of Or Yehuda. “War is not good. But God is great. He will protect Israel.”

As the stark reality of life in the region hung over the distribution centre, yet another rainfall showered the vicinity.

Small children could be seen passing by the postal facility dressed in costume. Opening day of distribution happened to coincide with the yearly Jewish festival of Purim. This celebration remembers the biblical story of Queen Esther and the rescue of the Jewish race from annihilation.

Happily for Israelis, the only thing falling from the sky in recent days has been rain. Yet reminders of stories of God’s faithfulness to protect the nation of Israel, like the story of Queen Esther, do well to lift the spirit during times of precautionary measures vital for the protection of the citizens of Israel.

Marney Blom is the news director for Acts News Network.

Originally published on Acts News Network, March 2010.

Used with permission. Copyright © 2010

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