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Objectifying People
You may have thought slavery was eradicated, but selling people is now a $30-billion world industry and exists even in Canada. The facts are difficult to hear.

On a recent flight, I had the opportunity to view the movie Taken. It involves a father who, against his better judgment, agrees to allow his 17-yearold daughter to go off to Europe with a friend. I knew from the title where the plot was going but I was horrified by the scenes that so graphically portrayed human trafficking. These innocents were treated as sexual objects for high financial gain.

You will think of your children and your grandchildren...

What haunted me was this movie only conveys part of the evil that is rampant worldwide today. Buying and selling human beings for sexual exploitation or forced labour is a growing international industry – even in Canada.

Perhaps I’m not alone in my naiveté. Before 2007, when The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada arranged for a special previewing of the movie Amazing Grace for members of Parliament,

I had thought, with satisfaction, that slavery had long been eradicated. Instead, I discovered there are simply new manifestations. In fact, selling people is now a $30-billion world market.

What you read in FaithToday’s November/December issue cover story, “Human Trafficking: Tragedy and Hope,” will horrify you. You may feel anger, shame, fear or helplessness. But you will not read it without wanting to know more about how you can make a difference. You will think of your children and your grandchildren as you discover how vulnerable they are when people treat others like objects to meet their own desires.

Though the facts about human trafficking are very difficult to hear, they will help you to be alert and prayerful.

Despite such darkness, you will also learn how Christian ministries are making a difference. Not only are many young girls rescued but, by God’s power, they are also healed of terrible memories and are experiencing His transforming love. Evil and despair are turned around.

Still, the evil must be challenged. There are actions you can take to be more informed. The EFC

has produced a booklet, Not So Ancient: Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery, which was written particularly for youth and young adults as part of the EFC Activate Series.

Despite the target audience, it can be helpful to all ages and is intended to inform and equip Christians to act on issues of concern – particularly in Canada. Copies can be purchased at or call 1-866-302-3362 ext. 234.

I also urge you to read EFC president Bruce J. Clemenger’s article, “Slavery in Canada,” in which he outlines the foundational principles from the Bible that should undergird all laws related to the value of human life at every stage.

Finally, pray for our politicians as they seek to create laws that will protect those who are vulnerable among us.

Gail Reid is managing editor of Faith Today and director of communications for The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. 

Originally published in Faith Today, November/December 2009.

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