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Dare to Dream
Dare to believe you were made for more than the status quo. Dare to do what God has placed on your heart, whatever it is.

The final bell has rung; school's out for good.

You're standing in the middle of an empty parking lot staring up at a vast sky wondering, What now? All that greets you is silence.

Now's your chance to fill that silence with the sound of faith. The world is your oyster.

Dare to dream. Dare to believe you were made for more than the status quo. Dare to do what God has placed on your heart, whatever it is. You only have one life — so live it fully.

Dare – despite the cost

There's more to life than money, so don't let it influence you too much. God promises to take care of us, as He does the lilies of the field. So don't let money deter you from going after that degree or working for a certain company, if that's what you feel led to do.

Alden Enns served at two opposing media outlets during his final years of journalism school. One position, well-paid and flashy, was at The Vancouver Sun. The other was a summer internship at Adbusters, a non-profit, bimonthly magazine.

In the end, he was offered positions at both. The Sun promised a desk job, paying $800 a week. Adbusters could provide a part-time position at $100 a week.

He chose Adbusters.

"Rather than feeling numb, there I found my faith in the struggle of humanity coming alive," he writes in an article called "Downward Mobility."

"I found avenues of dissent from a media-driven culture of oppression and repression. It was basically the opposite of working for the commercial media."

Today, Enns publishes Geez magazine, a non-profit, spiritual alternative to Adbusters which challenges believers, daring them to make a difference for God in real, every-day ways.

Dare – to change the world

The Bible tells us faith can move mountains.

In the same way, dreams have the ability to change the world. Daniel Wiebe, a recent graduate of Eston College in Saskatchewan, is the founder of Limitless Ministries — an organization that specializes in dreaming.

"We take dreams that people have and push them into those dreams," explains the 26-year-old. "We want to provide a place where they can safely dream and walk in the things God has put on their hearts."

Wiebe started the organization with two of his friends after pursuing their own dream to travel for a year and support missionaries — a dream that expanded far beyond their imagination.

They did many things, from working with a missionary in Costa Rica, to serving at a boy's home in Bolivia, to volunteering with YWAM in Australia, to working with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea.

"Our motive was to see how God is at work in the world today and to show our faith in small glimpses by what we do,” says Wiebe. While in the Rwandan village of Gahini, Wiebe and his friends (Jordan and Kenton) began to envision a camp for youth ages 12-18. As a result, Camp Gahini ran for the month of November, 2008 (Rwanda's summer), with the support of Wiebe's home church and eight of their friends.

"The God we serve is so much bigger than we could imagine, and He wants to use us the change the world," says Wiebe, who, while building houses fulltime, is already planning an even bigger camp for the end of this coming year.

"The only thing holding us back is our willingness to let go and let God do His thing ... He has good things in store."

Dare – to get closer to God

Jason Zerbin is a 22-year-old Indie-rock artist from Edmonton whose debut album was released in July 2009.

For Zerbin, music has long served as a vehicle into the presence of God.

"When God dreams for the world, He dreams through people," says the recent graduate of Vanguard College.

Zerbin's desire is for people — both Christian and non — to hear the sound of the Father's heart through his music.

Two years ago, a woman prayed over Zerbin, declaring God would use his music to break into both mainstream and Christian audiences. At the time, Zerbin had no connections; he was merely a worship leader.

Since then, he's written hundreds of songs, ten of which will be appearing on his debut album. He also won the 2008 Gospel Music Association Cross Canada Talent Search, and has had one of his songs picked up by an Indie film as part of the soundtrack.

"We're always told to dream big," says Zerbin, whose music can be heard at "The pursuit of our dreams will bring us closer to the heart of the Father. For me, this meant discovering what was in His heart, and Him showing me what He's placed in mine."

The world is your oyster — so dig deep, dare to believe, dare to dream. Dive in to the adventure of a lifetime!

Emily Wierenga is an author based in Blyth, Ontario. Her book, Save My Children, is available through Castle Quay Books.

Originally published in New Horizons, a publication of Living Light News, 2009.

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