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Insights from Be in Health
There’s a reason God said, “Take every thought captive.” Eighty percent of diseases have spiritual roots. They are linked to negative thoughts and emotions.

Many people think disease just shows up one day. They expect some kind of disease as they get older. It doesn’t occur to most people that they can live without disease; they just accept disease when it comes.

In recent years, we have been inundated with nutrition, vitamins and supplements as the way to avoid disease. These are helpful, but the medical community seems to link our emotions to disease more than our vitamin and food intake. More than 100 years ago the medical community was reporting at least 50 percent of all disease was linked to negative emotions. Since then, the percentage has been rising and reported to be more like 80 percent.

The Journal of the American Medical Association quotes Dr. McLaughlin of the Women’s Medical College in Philadelphia as saying:

  • From 64 percent to 85 percent of all diseases are rooted in the mental and the spiritual.
  • 99 percent of headaches, 75 percent of stomach disorders, 75 percent of asthma and 75 percent of all skin diseases are rooted in how you think and what your spirituality is all about.

For years we at Be in Health have been ministering to many hurting people and have clearly seen disease manifest in people who are hurting, usually due to broken relationships. 

When people do not believe in God, they have no place to put their hope. 

When people have been hurt by those who were supposed to love them, they feel they cannot trust anyone, including God, which leaves them feeling isolated with no idea where to go for help. 

When people decide they are the problem, they begin to hate themselves and the process of self-destruction begins.

These struggles cause confusion in our minds and our emotions; we are no longer at ease. When we are not at ease, or in a state of ‘dis-ease’ for too long, our body begins to break down and sickness is the result. This is known as a diagnosed disease. Our body was designed to function at peace. Our body was designed to repair itself. In fact medical science has observed that unless something interferes with the body components, the body totally regenerates itself every 7-20 years and that includes the bones.

However, our body has no mind of its own. It does not think. Our body merely responds to our mind. This is known as the mind-body connection. Our mind is designed to process many thoughts. Our emotions are a product of our thoughts or thinking, especially the thoughts our mind dwells upon. But what generates those thoughts? What is the source of these thoughts that form our emotions? What could our spirituality have to do with our physical well-being? Is our spirituality made up of thoughts also?

E. Stanley Jones in his book, The Unchangeable Person and the Unshakeable Kingdom, quotes a surgeon who said, “You could have healed 85 percent of all diseases that come to me for surgery if Christians practiced the kind of religion that they proclaim. Surgical problems begin with functional disturbances through our mental and spiritual attitudes and actions and then the functional path into the structural. Then we surgeons get the problem.”

In our best selling Christian book, A More Excellent Way, is a testimony of a Jewish woman who was healed of osteoporosis by applying these insights found in Scripture. She contracted the disease at age 30 and contacted us by phone at age 60 with bones so brittle from calcium deficiency that she needed a walker to get around.

Our team member asked her, “Do you know that the spiritual root cause for this disease is found in the Old Testament Jewish Scriptures?”

She asked, “Where?”

The team member informed her of Proverbs 14:30 that states envy is the rottenness of the bones, and asked her, “Did you ever struggled with envy and jealousy?”

“Yes! All of my life.”

She repented to God for practicing envy as part of her emotions and personality. Her doctors were later amazed when they checked her that all osteoporosis was gone. They told her, “We don’t understand, you have a bone density increase of 15-18 percent. In fact you have the bones of a 30-year-old woman. What have you been doing?” She told them, “repenting to God for envy and jealousy.” 

Medical schools don’t teach this to doctors. Maybe they should.

This Jewish lady was healed by God when she became a “doer of the Word” fulfilling the following Scripture in Psalm 103: “The Lord forgives you of all your iniquities, and heals you of all your diseases. He restores your youth like the eagle’s.”

Evidence is growing linking our physical well-being with our spirituality. It is God’s desire that we “prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers.” Let’s continue to explore the insights we’ve been given to help us live the lives God intended for His people.

Henry Wright is a pastor and president of the ministry, Be In Health

Originally published in Evangelical Christian, August/September 2009.

A More Excellent Way
by Henry W. Wright

Why do we have disease? Why are many not getting healed through prayer? How do we prevent disease? This book is as an excellent resource for spiritual leaders, healthcare professionals and individuals for understanding from Scripture the spiritual roots of disease.

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