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Your Words Have Power
Would you like to increase blessings and remove the curses from your life? Find out the shocking truth about your tongue. A video message.

We all know people whose tongue is a weapon of mass destruction. In this video you will learn the shocking truth about your tongue. It has incredible power for good or evil.

Words carry spiritual power to bless or curse. These words can affect individuals, groups, families or generations. Blessings and curses are like invisible winds that blow on us every day. Would you like to increase blessings and remove the curses from your life?

From this video you will understand the spiritual power behind blessings and curses and the weapons you have right now to protect yourself.

Dr. Grant Mullen is a mental health physician and author who lectures internationally on the keys to emotional recovery and healthy relationships. He has a special interest in the integration of medical treatment with spiritual and emotional healing models to see people and organizations transformed. Dr. Mullen is the author of Emotionally Free and The Breakthrough Solution, and is the producer of 16 DVD’s. For more information on emotional transformation, and to subscribe to our free video e-newsletter visit Subscribe to Dr. Mullen’s free monthly video podcasts on iTunes or by visiting

Emotionally Free
This forthright and compassionate study helps readers identify symptoms of depression and understand three types of treatment: medical, spiritual, and inner healing. Grant Mullen discusses causes of depression, exposes Satan's deceptions, and helps the reader ''reconnect'' head and heart, and learn to trust God in a new way.

The Breakthrough Solution
This book takes you on a fascinating, unpredictable, humorous journey of corporate investigation to find out why a cutting-edge technology company is failing. This light-hearted story shows how paying attention to people’s mental and emotional health is one of the best ways to unleash their power and potential.

Originally published on Dr. Grant Mullen’s website, November 2009.

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