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"River" Documentary Chronicles Canada's Destiny
A film that opened recently in 220 venues across Canada is available for purchase through the Acts News Network. The documentary explores views of Christian leaders concerning Canada's calling and destiny.

In God’s scheme of things, where does Canada fit among the nations? What’s Canada’s purpose? Does God have a plan for this country?

… explores Canada’s historic spiritual foundations and traces the outbreak of revival in our current generation…

Canadian television and film producer Marney Blom, currently residing in Jerusalem and a member of Israel’s foreign press corps, found the answers to be so intriguing that she felt compelled to create a 52-minute documentary, “From the River to the Ends of the Earth,” to impart to Canadian viewers the essence of her discoveries concerning Canada’s destiny.

“As we looked into the historical DNA of our nation, examined our spiritual foundations, and listened to many top Christian leaders, we began to see that Canada has an exceptional calling,” says Blom. She learned that “As a nation, we play a very specific role within the community of nations worldwide. Our sense is that most Canadians have no comprehension of the nature and magnitude of this nation’s destiny."

On September 18th, 2009, across Canada and into the Arctic, Canadians had a chance to participate in the film’s opening release. Two hundred twenty venues including church congregations and various groups witnessed the unfolding of a divine plan couched in breathtaking visuals of Canadian rivers and landscapes.

The documentary was produced under the banner of the Acts News Network (ANN), a video news service that produces news clips and print stories for distribution to media outlets. The film, which took three years to complete, explores the history of revival in Canada and traces the outbreak of revival in our current generation. It examines trends that suggest Canada is moving toward unprecedented spiritual revival that could impact the nation spiritually, socially and economically. It also features First Nations and Inuit spiritual leaders who affirm, through dreams and visions, their belief that the entire nation is on the verge of a powerful awakening.

“At every level of life in Canada, [the country resonates] with a destiny and a purpose and a clarion call that will be sent out to all the nations of the world,” states Dr. Alistair Petrie, director of Partnership Ministries and an authority on revival. 

Host venues were encouraged to use the corporate viewing as an opportunity to pray in unity for Canada “from sea to sea.” The DVD “From the River to the Ends of the Earth” is available in English, French and Inuktitut for individual or public viewing from ANN at the following e-mail address: View the trailer on the ANN website.

Daina Doucet is a writer and editor based in Hamilton, Ontario. She edits The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada's website,

Originally published on the Acts News Network website, September 2009. 

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