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Facebook and Facing “The Book”
If getting in touch with friends and family is important, how much more important is it to get in touch with God?

Facebook has become an internet phenomenon playing a major role in millions of people's lives. It is a wonderful tool and can be used for some great purposes. Its motto: "Helping you connect and share with the people in your life" is exactly what it does!

…our idea of joy is to have as much fun as possible by leaving God out…

I've enjoyed being reunited with all sorts of friends that I used to have continual contact with. Having open access to their pictures and personal status statements brings you close to them even though they may be miles or even continents away. It's always interesting to find out who is saying what on our news-feed homepage. We are super quick to share in our friends' joys or sorrows by adding comments or sending an email.

I have some friends who have started a group on Facebook called, "Face the Book." It's quite a unique group. Getting in touch with friends and family is very important, but Facing the Book and getting in touch with what God says is much more important! He wants you to share in His joys, and get to know Him in a personal way. If we could be just as eager in having a personal relationship with Him as we are with others, our Facebook world and the world in general would be totally transformed!

Do you want to know what some of God's joys are? He says, "There is more joy in Heaven, over one person who turns to God and from living life his own way, than over 99 people who are seeking to live a good life but have no need for God and His Word" (Luke 15:7).

The Lord found His joy through fellowship with His Father. He wanted those whom He would bleed and die for (you and me), to experience this same joy that only comes from dependence upon Him. Joy is something that is much deeper than happiness. Happiness comes and goes. Joy is something that remains deep within the believer, even when circumstances are not favorable.

This kind of joy can only come from a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus (see John 15:10-11). Generally speaking our idea of joy is to have as much fun as possible by leaving God out of our lives as much as possible. This kind of lifestyle can never bring satisfaction for very long and the feelings it generates just don't last. This is why we can't sit still and are always searching and looking for the next bigger and better entertainment to amuse us. Jesus taught that real joy comes from taking God into every area of your life. Blessing will follow as a result of your obedience and you will be a blessing to others!

If you really want to get connected, I encourage you to face the Book! God's Word will share with you how you can enter into His family. Having God on your side in this lifetime and walking with Him is really what life is all about! If you miss this, you miss everything.

Jesus said, "I have come to give life, so that you may have it more abundantly" (John 10:10). He also said, "I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no person can come to the Father except by me" (John 14:6).

Face the Book, and get connected with the One who gave His life for you. When this life is over, you will "Face Creator God." Are you ready?

Becky Kew will send an attractive "John 3:16" text free to anyone who requests one in writing from

Originally published in Indian Life Newspaper, July/August 2009.

Used with permission. Copyright © 2009                                                 C16SE09

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