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No Greater Purpose...

Who doesn’t long for greater purpose in life? If you can identify the purpose and vocation God has for you, then you can make your other life decisions more effectively, says Tom Sine, author of The New Conspirators. He offers college graduates insight into finding God’s purpose for their lives.

If we are followers of Christ, ultimately it’s our longing to be aligned with Him in His purpose for us and for His kingdom. This week we’re privileged to look into the ministries and lives of people who are finding their purpose in God.

Take, for example, 614 Thorncliffe Park. It’s a church like no other. The Thorncliffe Park Network is a 24/7 outreach made possible by the collaboration of Mennonite, Brethren and Salvation Army groups. Unity is God’s purpose, and through their unity these groups are living incarnationally as they bring church to the spectrum of nations among them.

Another outreach, Christian Business Ministries Canada is called to connect businesses to a greater purpose. Through luncheons where business people can bring their friends and hear a message on a business-related topic, they enjoy faith and fellowship with others who share their world. 

Then there are individuals like Chris Robertson and Danny Foster! Try to imagine bicycling in thick darkness, with a wind-chill of -80° over the frozen Arctic Ocean with the ice cracking under your tires as you ride. Why would anyone do that? Chris Robertson tells you why he did it this week.

Danny Foster, on the other hand, has found purpose in Tanzania where he hunts Cape buffalo and oversees an innovative project that involves translating the New Testament into the nine related languages of Tanzania’s Mara region.

We invite you to look into these stories and see what God is doing. There really is no greater purpose than His.


Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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