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What in the World are Christians Doing?

What are Christians doing in our communities and in the world? God is reaching out through His people to touch, influence and change lives.

At home Calgary’s Mustard Seed Street ministry continues to forge ahead with plans for a $75 million complex for the homeless in spite of the recession. It will be a drug and alcohol-free housing project designed around rebuilding lives. At the same time in Ottawa the Shepherds of Good Hope are launching a similar “innovative” housing project that will also give the homeless a real home rather than a bed in a shelter. This project involves the conversion of a hotel into a residence.

Abroad, mission work can be demanding for Christians who work in trouble spots around the world. A recent article in Faith Today reflects on challenges they face as they try to encourage reconciliation between enemies. Writer Alex Newman quotes Murray Cornelius, mission director for The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada: “…the Church brings opportunities to forgive … that you don’t find in secular attempts.”

Brian Stewart, CBC’s foreign correspondent for 40 years, makes an additional observation. He notes that Christian aid workers and volunteers are often the first ones on the frontlines to help alleviate suffering. “After many years of witnessing Christian mercy in action,” writes Ken Bosveld, publisher of Southern Ontario’s Beacon Magazine, “Brian too became a Christian.” Stewart recently shared his story of conversion and his observations of Christians in action with Beacon.

We invite you to be inspired by these stories of Christians at work on behalf of God’s kingdom. We also invite you to read a tribute to a man who served faithfully in his calling as husband, father and pastor. He wasn’t feeling well that day, but no one suspected the seriousness of the illness. He left his congregation a message of God’s love.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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