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To Burka or Not to Burka

Licia Corbella, the Calgary Herald’s editorial page editor, believes no one would willingly wear a burka. She was shrouded in one for just a few minutes and felt claustrophobic. The women in Afghanistan she talked to had various health problems as a result of wearing them. So, “To burka, or not to burka?” asks Roy Hamel. Will Canada join the discussion concerning a ban on burkas?

From questions of culture and religion, we turn to issues of ethics. Hermina Dykxhoorn, writing for Christian Renewal, recounts numerous examples where medical personnel across the country are denied freedom to decline assisting with abortions based on conscience or religion. It’s a “ stifle dissent and compel conformity,” she concludes. She also cites ethicist Dr. Margaret Somerville, who calls it “a new form of fundamentalism.”

Dr. Somerville comments on stem cell research this week – the “new frontier of regenerative medicine.”

“There is a deep ethical divide between those who support using human embryos for this research and those who believe it is a serious breach of ethics,” she says. She makes a case for the latter.

We invite you to peruse these informative selections. They examine issues important to us as believers. And here’s a story of an entirely different stripe!

Have you seen Noah’s Ark? It has docked at Schagen, the Netherlands. But Noah didn’t build this one. This ark is a replica two thirds the length of a football field, but even at that size, it’s only half the size of the original!

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





  • Redeemer University - Christian university changes everything. Starting with you.

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