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Rights and Responsibilities

Another birthday and Canada’s a year older! It’s fun to take time off, celebrate Canada day, and enjoy our freedom. We do it for our country and for ourselves!

But there’s lots more we can do for our country, says Sarah Shaheen Stowell, a freelance writer who offers a perspective reflective of the arising generation. She believes as Christians we have rights and responsibilities toward our country, and we should be involved in governing it.

A small number of believers serve in government positions in Ottawa. Dr. Bob Giuliano, professor emeritus with Huron University College asks, “What [might] this minority called Christians in politics…look like? What can we expect from these members of Parliament?” In his article he speaks to fellow believers about the expression of Christian faith in political life.

Young people of the next generation are passionate about their faith and their desire to see God move in power throughout our country. TheCRY, a worship and prayer event, is scheduled in Vancouver on August 15th – the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock. Young people will seek God for freedom from immorality, perversion and rebellion, and for a new move of holiness and passion for Jesus in Canada and the world.

Another topic of interest: On June 24th New Direction Ministries spearheaded Bridging the Gap,” an event that encouraged communication between Christians and gays. It was an Internet event designed for bloggers to be “synchronized” to facilitate conversation. Also this week, John Howard, a pastor and counsellor with New Direction Ministries, shares the story of his encounter with same-sex attraction, and his restoration.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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