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Seeking God?

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Encountering God

From among the highlights this week, none is more exciting than the announcement of The Word Guild’s annual awards to Canadian writers and authors. For the best of the year in 17 book and novel categories, and 13 article, poetry, song lyric and script categories, see ChristianWeek’s list of winning authors and writers, and select your summer reading!

Does God speak today? Word Guild winner in the song lyrics category, Marianne Novoselac, says He does, and He uses more than His Word to do so. Just like He did throughout history to the children of Israel, He also speaks to us through others.

How does God speak to you? God’s word of conviction first came to Serge LeClerc, through the suicide of a fellow inmate. One of Canada's most wanted, and considered the most dangerous criminal in the country, Serge subsequently committed his life to Christ and now serves as Saskatchewan's Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Corrections.

One of the ways God speaks to us is through worship.

“I came to realize that worship wasn't just one-way communication … that God was actively involved, too: speaking, inspiring, challenging, forgiving, listening, healing, encouraging, sending and blessing,” says Dr. Christine Longhurst, instructor in workshops on worship and music across Canada. It’s "charged with divine activity."

We hope these articles inspire you to hear God this week in a deeper way.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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