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Food for the Soul and the Spirit

Every once in a while something so amazing, uplifting, and awe inspiring comes along, we just have to pause and marvel. Akiane’s art is one of those things. A young girl of 14, she is classed among the world’s ten best artists. She was propelled into her calling as a prophetic artist at the age of four, and today her paintings sell from $100,000 to $1 million a piece. Where does she get her inspiration? From her conversations with God and visions of Jesus.

Akiane’s painting of Jesus: Prince of Peace.

Akiane sees God’s glory in people and in nature. Paul Abell, stewardship coordinator with a Christian nature conservation organization A Rocha, believes our involvement with nature is so important that churches should be “Gardening to the Glory of God.”

"Planting a garden is a great opportunity for a church to become engaged in the broader community," Abell says. "People love to see things grow. They drop by and feel very emotionally and spiritually uplifted.”

The Baptist church on Hughson Street in Hamilton, Ontario, may not have a garden – yet – but, it tends a field ripe for the harvest of souls in one of Canada’s poorest neighbourhoods. The church where street people and professionals mingle is well-known for its service and community involvement. Pastor Dwayne Cline states unapologetically, “Sound doctrine produces good works!”

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And most important, if you’re a dad, or about to be one, see if Phil Callaway’s club for Guys Who Can’t Believe We’re Dads is for you. Have a Happy Father’s Day!


Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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