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It's Not the End of the World

Can you say, Hallelujah, the recession has come? Most of us might not be enthusiastic about recession, but according to a Globe and Mail article, it has brought an unexpected blessing for churches. Many are noticing growth in attendance as the economy turns down.

With the uncertainty of the times, many find themselves in anxiety resulting in emotional turmoil, fearfulness and apprehension. There is an antidote. It is our privilege as believers to turn to the One who invites us to be anxious for nothing, and point our friends and neighbours to Him too.

Lynda MacGibbon finds that in worrisome times memories bring joy and comfort. It helps to remember the “sweet” jobs, she says, as she reminisces about her past. We need to remind ourselves that “the world as we’ve known it may have come to an end, but it isn’t the end of the world.”

It’s a new world for a new generation. “One that's practically unrecognizable to anyone who grew up in the 20th century,” says Dr. Dave Currie in an article that helps parents protect their kids in an online world. The truth is, the world is changing hands. The older generation must yield to the younger one, but how to do that within the church context? Many questions arise. Is it possible for the church to engage the new millennial generation? Can the church tap into the incredible resource the Millennial generation represents? Can we inspire youth to participate in the life and work of the church? Absolutely, says Dave Toycen, president of World Vision Canada. Their energy, technical prowess and passion for justice might just turn the world upside-down.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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