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Love and Romance

As the atheist bus ad campaign continues in Britain and prepares to launch in Toronto, Christian groups in Britain are experiencing support from an unexpected source. According to a article, a British journalist and “confirmed atheist,” observed in the London Times that missionaries are the “solution to a major problem in Africa” because “Christianity changes people’s hearts.”

While it’s not an observation readily reported by the secular press, those who profess to faith in Christ recognize it as truth. A young Muslim bore witness to this truth. He saw his parents transformed, but the change in them was so dramatic he found it shocking. He made it his mission to find out what power could have caused such a transformation.

It’s the same power that motivates us to choose good instead of evil and love instead of hate. God calls us to love as He loved us – unconditionally – even when we don’t feel like it. Choosing to show love despite our feelings is the right response every time, says author Grace Fox. It can yield surprising results.

And what better way to express love to a spouse this Valentine’s Day than through a “love language” most meaningful to them? Romance isn’t a high priority for men, but it is for women. Men need to enter into that realm to benefit their wives, writes Dave Klassen in his article, Romance for Dummies.

Valentine’s Day is a happy celebration for many, but it can be wrought in sadness for others. For singles it can be a time of loneliness. What fun is Valentine’s Day if you don’t have a sweetheart? A former single shares the secret she learned for having a great Valentine’s Day.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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