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What's Wrong with our World?

Would our late grandparents have wondered at our world and felt that events in our lives have a sci-fi ring to them?

For instance, a 60-year-old woman became the mother of twins and a 33-year-old gave birth to octuplets recently through reproductive technologies. Margaret Somerville looks at the ethical questions these situations might raise and says that adoption gives us a model for the appropriate use of these new technologies.

In the Canadian West, two men are on trial for polygamy. It might sound surrealistic to our ancestors that Evangelicals are concerned the trial may lead to legalization of polygamy in Canada. An article related to this topic is: Polygamy – Is It for Everyone?

Another situation pertains to the appointment of “Thought Police” on the Queen’s University campus. An article related to this topic is: Experimenting with Thought Police on Campus. It has now been determined that monitoring student conversations may cause them to feel unsafe or under surveillance because of their opinions.

When we read of problems with the economy, children having to work seven- to 18-hour days down deep mine shafts or of victims of crime being interrogated by their attackers, we too might ask along with Sudbury Star’s inspirational columnist Rob Weatherby, What’s Wrong with the World?

We live in turbulent times. We try to bring order to the chaos through various worldviews, or through modern devices. For example, there is an invention, says Dr. Grant Mullen, that gives us a sense of control and peace amidst chaos. We all have one in our homes, but this device is deceptive and ultimately falls short. So, what’s our solution? Refocusing our skill of discernment by seeking God’s kingdom, says Robert Melnichuk of Crossroads Christian Communications

We invite you to enjoy the above articles. They are inspiring and informational. For additional selections, please visit Also, may we invite you to check out this week’s featured book on seeking God’s kingdom: Rediscovering the Kingdom, by Dr. Myles Munroe? It is available through the offer below. 


Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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