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Evangelism in the Public Square

Internet! Twenty-nine per cent of Canadians are on Facebook alone. The majority, millions of them, are teens. “I thought that computers and email were going to turn us into a society where keyboarding skills are paramount,” says Sheila Wray Gregoire, but instead, youth have devolved a language of their own. Will this “Internet English” be the language of our future?

More than 1.5 billion people access the Internet for a variety of activities. The folks who run the website promoting Internet Evangelism Day (IE Day) believe it’s a “God-given medium for evangelism.” IE Day, this year on April 26, 2009, is an annual web-awareness day when churches and Christian groups can include a short message in their meetings about online evangelism and its potential as a rewarding ministry. Find out how your group can participate.

Determination and a message have given a Toronto 12-year-old a voice on the Internet. Lia wrote a pro-life speech for a school competition, and in spite of opposition won an opportunity to participate in a region-wide contest. Her message has been viewed almost 400,000 times on YouTube.

Roy Hamel believes that the atheist bus-advertising campaign, “There probably is no God…” is also a “God-given medium” for evangelism. He says, “Let atheists have their bus slogans!” Christians owe them big time for plastering slogans about God all over the public square.

Besides the articles listed above, you can also check out our homepage for articles commenting on current events and to enjoy more stories. For instance, read about David Wells, a pastor who has participated in more Olympic competitions than most Canadian athletes, or see a YouTube interview with author Grant Mullen about his most recent book that takes the reader on a humorous journey of corporate investigation to find out why a hi-tech company is failing.


Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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