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Honour, Depth and Nobility

What motivates us to read and absorb the many stories proliferating about public figures? In his article, Brad, Britney, Bill and Jim, Phil Callaway focuses on characteristics that define a person. “If I am going to write about people, there needs to be some depth, some honour, something bordering on nobility,” he says. Perhaps, as he suggests, our culture needs to refocus.

Several stories this week touch on these qualities.

A pregnant woman would die unless her baby was aborted or induced early. The Catholic hospital's ethics committee tried to decide honourably how to treat her while also upholding religious teachings. That was 25 years ago. Since then the hospital has performed “early inductions” when pregnancy posed grave risks to both mother and child. Recently a pro-life Catholic website ran a story claiming the hospital is secretly performing “abortions.”

Abortion was also an item during Barack Obama’s recent visit to Ottawa. While campaigning, he claimed he wanted abortion to be rare, but since taking office he has already signed an executive order to promote and finance abortions in developing nations. Christians campaigning against abortion are concerned about Obama’s “adjustments to please his audience.”

An amazing story of honour, bravery and self-sacrifice emerges from China. The Chinese revere Eric Liddell. While many know his story as told in the epic film Chariots of Fire, few may know that he gave his life subsequently as a missionary to China. A sequel concerning his service to China titled The Flying Man is forthcoming.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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