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On a Personal Note!

Throughout our life each of us is generally seen as a “whole person,” writes Dora Dueck for the Mennonite Brethren Herald. But the elderly are too often regarded as “just a body.” Our health care system meets the bodily needs of seniors, she says, but “we need to remember elderly people are still whole. They still have spiritual needs.” In her article, Still Whole, Still Transformed by Love, three chaplains talk about their ministries to seniors.

Ministries to seniors have been more the exception than the rule, but times are changing. Baby Boomers are entering retirement years and seniors’ ministries are needed. Canadian Christianity takes a look at some ways seniors’ ministries can meet the emotional and spiritual needs of the elderly.

On a different note, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has been following issues concerning euthanasia, assisted suicide and abortion. The EFC’s legal counsel, Faye Sonier, reflects on these issues on a personal level. “They affect your life whether or not you realize it just yet,” she writes.

Since the shooting death of U.S. abortionist George Tiller, passionate public discussion has arisen concerning abortion, pro-life and pro-choice. This week John Stackhouse, writing for the Holy Post, considers vigilantism. He concludes, “To have weak anti-abortion legislation in the US, and no anti-abortion law in Canada, breeds martyrs on the extremes and makes the rest of us into hypocrites.”

Also this week, a look at changes in Alberta’s education system. Alberta’s government has reached a conclusion regarding a pending human rights bill. Bill 44 now enshrines gay rights while allowing parents to withdraw their children from classes with curriculum related to sexual orientation, sexuality or religion.

With social and cultural change taking place at an ever accelerated rate, Christian educators need help navigating. Cardus is therefore undertaking a research study to help them connect their daily programs with long-term change. The study will encompass Christian education (K-12) throughout North America.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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