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Do You Have Self Confidence?
Your ability to accept yourself is the most fundamental building block of your personality. It gives you the ability to relate well to others. A video message.

Have you ever wondered how to get more of it? Why are people so self conscious, defensive and oversensitive? If you can’t accept yourself then you won’t be able to accept anyone else.

… you will learn the most common signs that you haven’t accepted yourself.

The most fundamental building block of your personality is your ability to accept yourself. If you can’t accept yourself then you will have an unstable and insecure personality. It will be very difficult for you to reach out and relate well to others.

When you click on the video link you will learn the most common signs that you haven’t accepted yourself.  You will discover if you are living out of your true or false self. You will understand why this problem is so common and how God wants to help you out of this mess.

Just click here to begin.

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Dr. Grant Mullen is a mental health physician and author who lectures internationally on the keys to emotional recovery and healthy relationships. He has a special interest in the integration of medical treatment with spiritual and emotional healing models to see people and organizations transformed.

Dr. Mullen is the author of Emotionally Free , The Breakthrough Solution and the producer of 16 DVDs.

Originally published by Aslan’s Place, June 10, 2009.




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