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Commitment or Involvement

While Tony Blair was the British prime minister, his press secretary once said to reporters, “We don't do God.” Today, however, Blair unabashedly promotes God and faith freely. “Faith,” he says, “is not…acting according to ritual but…according to God's will….”

Choosing to do God’s will sometimes requires more than involvement. It can require commitment. As David Leung found out, the difference between commitment and involvement can be measured by the degree of sacrifice. In a Vision Ministries newsletter Nikki Everts Hammond relates what it meant for David to “lay down his life” for a friend.

In an article published on the Elijah List, Rick Joyner, founder of Morningstar Ministries states that he, and pastors Jack Deere and Bill Johnson have made a commitment to work with Canadian evangelist Todd Bentley toward his restoration. Last August Bentley withdrew from ministry because his marriage had failed.

A somewhat disturbing story has emerged from Britain. Christian Week reports that a major academic publisher suspended distribution of an encyclopaedia about Christianity because of complaints by an anti-Christian lobby that many entries are too Christian, too orthodox, too anti-secular, too anti-Muslim, and not politically correct enough for being used in universities. They want references inserted favourable to Islam.

Regarding Canadian politics, please check out Dr. John Redekop’s new, semi-annual evaluation of the Harper government. He assigns the government marks for its performance on various issues. His “report cards” have gained considerable popularity.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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