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Hostages of the Sex Trade

It’s hard to imagine Canada being a destination and a source country, as well as a transit country for human trafficking. But it is a serious problem, “And that is something that should make us all uncomfortable,” writes Chandra Pasma for the Citizens for Public Justice.

Some are very concerned. A Vancouver-based foundation is determined to rescue raped and tortured Cambodian children from Canadian brothels. “Where Canadians have caused the problem, Canadians are going to help fix it,” says Brian McConaghy, founder of the Vancouver-based Ratanak Foundation. He is making sure every child he rescues finds treatment and rehabilitation.

Carol Kornacki knows what it means to be sexually abused to the point of mental illness. Once that has happened, can one recover? How does one get over the pain? Kornacki’s outreach to many broken lives was born the day she first shared the answers to these questions.

“A related problem in the global human ‘family’ is the number of porn films made using trafficked women,” says Drew Dyck in an article for Faith Today. Pornography is a great evil that holds participants on both sides of the screen hostage to the point where only the power of God can set them free. Dyck points out that it’s a social concern that churches must address. “Internet pornography has not only infiltrated the Church – it has set up camp” within the Church with many members and pastors suffering pornography addiction.

Here in Canada and in our church? These are deep questions to ponder. We invite you to read these disturbing, but very informative articles along with Carol’s testimony to Christ’s restorative power. Here’s an interesting question. How would you react in a situation where you were deeply wounded? For example, if you were one of Bernie Madoff’s victims, could you forgive him for swindling you of your life-savings?

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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