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The Emerging Generations

Life rarely goes as we planned, but if we allow Him to, God can redeem the times of loss. A young couple’s marriage was severely tested when Marion, a mom of two, discovered she had breast cancer at age 33. The emotional toll it exacted was overwhelming, but through it all they discovered a new dimension in life.

“Life, we’ve discovered, doesn't come with an instruction manual,” says one young, emerging adult, “and things don't always go as we planned. In our financially re-emerging times, few options are as good as the familiar stability of the family nest.” For that, and various other reasons, an increasing number of parents find themselves welcoming their adult children back into the family home.

From “emerging adults” we look at “emerging millennials.” Good and bad news for them: In a new book Dr. Reginald Bibby states that a 2008 survey indicates 15- to 19-year-olds are more moral these days, but less religious. While some “traditional” values are important to them, the unfortunate news is that only 13 per cent are involved with faith groups. Their foremost devotion is to friendship and freedom.

Devotion takes various forms. Father Dalton, cited for bravery during the Second World War, was Ontario’s oldest Catholic priest. He was devoted to world peace. On the other hand, Sun Myung Moon is still around. He is the leader of the heterodox Unification Church, sometimes known as “the Moonies,” who made headlines in the 1970s. He is devoted to himself and is leaving a troubling legacy.

We would like to leave you this week with an interesting thought. Do you think that in our society we’ve become “virtual”? “We've become so disconnected – we don’t touch anything; we don’t smell anything” says Father Roberto Ubertino, overseer of the St. John the Compassionate Mission that runs the St John’s Bakery in Toronto and gainfully employs the homeless who come to the mission for help. “The work itself is therapeutic because the product itself is sacred,” he says. “Bread is a basic symbol – it is how God gives Himself to us.”

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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