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It Matters What Others Think

It’s been a slow start, but those warm, leisurely summer days are coming! It’s time to look up from the keyboard, make a break from ongoing pressures, and take in broader panoramas of green vistas and blue horizons.

Leisure is not just “down time.” It’s a time to thank God for what He’s given us, and then to enjoy those things. According to family therapist Diane Marshall, it’s the time we allocate to the things that count, like guarding our health, guarding the health of our family and building and maintaining relationships. In his article Leisure – We Need It!, author Byron Wheaton quotes Essential Spirituality: “Leisure, in various forms, is part of every whole and balanced life. It, too, of necessity, must be a component of spirituality.”

It appears there is a significant component of a whole and balanced spiritual life that may have escaped the Church in North America.

Caron Somers of says that obesity – a significant social concern at the moment – appears to be a taboo subject in Christian circles. Yet, the rapid increase of obesity in our North American culture is epidemic in proportion, and doesn’t leave Christians exempt. “Julie,” an otherwise cheerful believer, shares the story of her struggle with overweight and how it has undermined her self esteem.

And how’s your self-esteem as a Christian? If self-esteem has anything to do with what others think of us, then our corporate self-esteem as Canadian Christians has not necessarily been healthy. That’s especially apparent this week with the excitement about a Global TV documentary that made an effort to portray Evangelicals in a positive way. It has felt good to be encouraged by the media. It does matter what others think says The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s vice-president of ministry services, Aileen Van Ginkel. Jim Coggins, for, adds that the documentary pointed out that Canadian evangelicalism is not only growing, but is finding new ways of reaching the younger generation.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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