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Words, Deeds and Seeds

Words, deeds and seeds have a lot in common.

The primary task of Christian parents is to sow seeds of faith in the hearts and minds of their children, says psychologist Colleen Hammermaster. And we have a choice from which “bag” to draw those seeds – the one marked pride and selfishness or the one that glorifies God and promotes His presence. What we plant will grow.

But what if we’re not sure what to plant, how do we discern God’s will? To anyone seeking direction and wanting to enjoy the confidence of making right choices, Rob Des Cotes writing for Canadian Christianity’s Options magazine, recommends the book Weeds Among the Wheat. The author offers three essential qualities of heart necessary for discerning and knowing God’s will.

We Evangelicals should be planting more seeds with words than deeds, according to an equipping newsletter for churches. Merv Budd points out that we do deeds of Christian generosity and compassion but often don’t “preach” or share the message of the Good News verbally along with them.

Perhaps we are reluctant to share the message verbally because it can be risky. Carl Medearis has written an inspiring book on his family’s adventure in the Muslim world. He and his wife risked everything. Sold their possessions, took their kids and moved to Lebanon where they share Jesus’ message with Muslims. Today Medearis has earned a voice among Islamic leaders. Servant magazine interviewed him about Islam, religion and his new book Muslims, Christians and Jesus.

This is the season for planting. Take time with God’s Word, let Him give you “seeds” for your life and circumstances, and plant them with words. Speak them out loud and expect them to grow and yield a harvest.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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