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Evangelicals Have an "Image Problem"

Is it true that the prejudices of journalists against Evangelicals skew their reporting and create an unfair image of them? Charles Lewis poses the question for the National Post.

Evangelicals are “confused with fundamentalists” who “take the Bible literally,” said David Haskell, a Wilfrid Laurier professor in an interview with Lewis. The perception of journalists, he points out is that “Evangelicals think they have the only truth…” These perceptions, he says, create an “image problem” for Evangelicals.

MP Gary Goodyear encountered an “image problem” earlier this year. Controversy broke out when he refused to answer a question posed by a Globe and Mail reporter regarding his faith. How should Christians bear public witness to their faith? asks Janet Epp Buckingham, director of Trinity Western’s Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa. Politicians experience great struggles when their faith becomes a political issue because of the frequent stereotyping of Christians in mainstream Canadian media, she says.

But is only Christianity experiencing a “negative image” in the media? According to a Maclean’s poll, a majority of Canadians look askance at religion in general and express concern that Islam, Sikhism and other religions support violence. A writer for the National Post challenges the article. Why did Maclean's choose to address the topic of religion now? he asks. Is it because a new book titled God Is Back argues that religion is making a major comeback?

Many questions and few answers!

One thing is true. It continues to be important for Christians to speak up and let their voice be heard in our country. Recently The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s legal counsel spent the day in court to intervene in a constitutional challenge concerning the Assisted Human Reproduction Act. “The day was a reminder that the role of the Christian faith perspective remains important in Canadian life, law and society,” writes Don Hutchinson in his current weblog.

And – this week we honour you, Moms, on Mother’s Day. Have a Happy Day! Take some time for yourself. Make a date with your favourite babysitter and try a few “mom-savers.” If you’re still trying to figure out something to do this Mother’s Day that you haven’t done before, Focus on the Family has some suggestions how to celebrate moms of all kinds on this special day.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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