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Good News!

Have you seen the movie, Fireproof? It’s been on DVD since January. The story-line follows a young couple on the verge of divorce. The husband, firefighter Caleb Holt played by Kirk Cameron, accepts his father’s 40-day “love-dare” to save his marriage. The movie became the fourth bestseller in the United States its first weekend and had the largest box office take of films released on 1,000 screens or less. Check it out for yourself. Do you know anyone who would benefit?

We applaud the makers of Fireproof and others who share the message of Christ publicly. “Bravo,” for instance, to “brave Miss California,” says Guelph Mercury columnist Roy Hamel. In the Miss California pageant Carrie Prejean, a believer, was the only contestant “thrown a political bombshell” to expose her as a Christian. She has been ridiculed and scorned, but she continues to uphold her faith.

Among Christians visible in the mainstream media are Lorna Dueck and Bruxy Cavey. Dueck has launched a web page that offers answers to tough questions to people enquiring about Christianity. Cavey is one of the contributors. His church is among those a Global TV documentary would term “rebranded,” growing and attracting young Canadians at a rate unlike any denomination.

Want to know who’s our worst enemy when it comes to mainstream media coverage? John Stackhouse’s observations in a Faith Today article might surprise you.

Here are two additional stories we are pleased to highlight this week. Speaking in Ottawa this week was the co-founder and co-owner of the Second Cup. He was once a homeless person who found shelter with the Salvation Army in Toronto. He published his story several years ago.

Also, please check out the Globe and Mail’s interview with sociologist Reginald Bibby. The Globe notes that today's teens drink less, do fewer drugs and even like their parents. “Where's the rebel yell?” it asks. Sociologist Reginald Bibby explains “the new virtuosity.”

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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