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Court In Session

Two news stories this week reflect uncertainty concerning the mainstream educational system. A bill has been proposed in Alberta that would allow parents to remove their children from school classes that teach materials they don’t support. “Labels like ‘intolerant’, ‘narrow-minded’, ‘bigoted’, and ‘homophobic’, are tossed around to describe Albertans who favour the legislation,” says Richelle Wiseman, in a Faith and the Media blog. At the same time Quebec parents who object to Quebec's controversial new religion and ethics course are watching to see what the courts will decide regarding exemptions.

In another story involving the courts, the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada is looking at whether drug treatment courts are effective in curbing drug use and crime. “It is a remarkable tale of how community partnerships are improving lives with the aim to reduce criminal recidivism, substance abuse, and to improve social indicators such as housing, education and employment” writes research analyst Peter Jon Mitchell. He explains how this system works.

These are some of our news highlights this week. We are also featuring several unique mission stories

For instance, Sanctuary Street Mission, Toronto, has found a unique way to give the homeless a voice. The mission formed a theatre troupe that has been performing for three years. The troupe includes the homeless, people in temporary accommodation or on welfare, students and professional actors volunteering their time.

And finally, Glenn Smith of Christian Direction, Montreal, concludes that reaching out to a friend over a cup of coffee with the message of Christ is “more like a negotiation than an argument.” He offers four helpful hints on sharing your faith.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor




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