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The Seven Promises of a Truth-Seeker
“Truth-Seekers” are Christians who respectfully engage members of other religions in dialogue with the purpose of seeking and sharing eternal spiritual truths.

I’m sure most Christian men have heard of the “Promise-Keepers” by now. This vision of one man, Coach Bill McCartney, in the early 1990’s has grown to fill hockey arenas in Canada and football stadiums in America with men eager to grow in their faith. Its seven promises relate to a man’s relationship with God, other men, purity, marriage and family, the local church, unity and mission. All good stuff – and God continues to use and bless it.

Our team has been reaching out to a local mosque in Sudbury in Northern Ontario.

But who has heard about the seven promises of a “Truth-Seeker”? Not many. Those are the guiding principles of a small team of four believers that has a heart for cross-cultural evangelism. We promise to:

  • seek and affirm truth with an open mind wherever it may be found (eg. you can find basic moral teaching likethe “golden rule” in most of the world’s religions)
  • believe what we believe by conviction and not just convenience (ie. not just because we were born in a certain family, culture or religion)
  • respect the beliefs of others even if we don’t share them
  • learn as much as we can about their belief-system so we can understand them better
  • boldly go to our friends in other religions (realizing that they may never come to us)
  • boldly (but sensitively) share the truth of the Gospel with our friends, and
  • patiently leave the results of our “truth-sowing” to the Holy Spirit who alone can convince, convict and convert.

Our team has been reaching out to a local mosque in Sudbury in Northern Ontario. Since the fall of 2001, we have shown up on the last Friday of most months to sit at the back, respectfully observe their prayer service, chat with Muslim students as they leave (discreetly giving out a few New Testaments in the process), and then hold a one-hour dialogue with a small group of our friends (mostly professional types like doctors, professors and engineers). They teach us about Islam and we teach them about biblical Christianity.

These principles, as well as our outreach idea, are transferable. What about you? If Sudbury has about 100 Muslim families from over 20 countries (mostly from the Middle East), what about your community? Do you realize that there are now 48 Muslim mosques in Ontario (32 of them in the Greater Toronto Area)? There are also 48 Hindu temples in Ontario (and 21 more in the rest of Canada). There are 85 Sikh temples (or “gurdwaras”) or societies in Canada (43 of them in Ontario). And there are 198 Buddhist temples or meditation centres in Canada as well as 170 Jewish synagogues or societies across our great land.

What would happen if God raised up committed teams of Christian “Truth-Seekers” to reach out to all these religious communities that live and worship in our free country? Maybe God is calling you to be part of one of those teams. If you feel the need for more training in cross-cultural evangelism, contact the Operation Mobilization Canada office about this summer’s “Toronto Challenge” mission from July 4-12, 2009 (one week), and July 4-18 (two weeks).

“Truth-Seekers” may never become as big as “Promise-Keepers” but we can dream and pray. Bill McCartney did.

Rob Weatherby is Operation Mobilization’s mission mobilizer in Northern Ontario and can be reached at or at (705) 866-0847.  OM Canada can be reached at or at 1-877-487-7777.

Originally published in Operation Mobilization’s Bottomline magazine, Winter 2009.




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