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Man’s Greatest Addiction
What device can change your life, bring order out of chaos, calm you down, and more? Guaranteed, you already own one.

Today I want to talk to you about the most important invention of the 20th Century.

This device is so powerful … it can calm a person down faster than medication.

This device has changed our lives. It has saved each one of us hundreds of miles of walking and the time that would have taken us. It has allowed us to multitask like never before. It helps us to absorb information at an incredible rate.

With men in particular, it has brought a sense of order to the daily chaos of life.

As a result of all these benefits to humanity, it has become the most addictive device known to man.

Many of you at this very moment are feeding this addiction. Just look right now at your hands. What are you holding?

Yes, I’m speaking about the remote control.

This device is so powerful that when held tightly and used continuously it can calm a person down faster than medication.

Have you ever watched a child with a remote control? Once they know how to use it, you’ll never get it away from them. The addiction is so powerful and instantaneous.

How can you tell if someone you love, or are sitting next to, is struggling with this addiction? Here is an experiment you can do right now in your own home. Just ask them to pass you the remote. If that doesn’t work, just take it and see what happens. Is this the scene in your living room right now?

I think remote controls are so dangerously addictive that they should only be available from pharmacies by prescription.

Why have we become so attached to the remote control?

It’s because humans want to be in control of their lives and their surroundings. The remote gives us the illusion of control for as long as we are holding it. We feel more at peace when we think we are controlling our environment.

Why do we need to be in control? Why do we get so restless when we are not holding the remote?

It’s all because of fear.

We are afraid that if we are not in control of everything in our environment that something bad is going to happen to us. To calm that fear we desperately look for ways to protect ourselves by controlling as much as possible in our surroundings.

Why are humans so afraid that something bad is going to happen?

It’s because we have lost the sense of trust. The trust that someone is actually looking after us and protecting us.

When trust is lost, fear will always replace it.

When did humans lose the sense of trust? When Adam sinned, he became separated from his trusting relationship with God and we’ve suffered the consequences ever since.

What can you do to help the control freaks in your life? Give them a new “environmental” remote control as a gift so they can feel in control of their world outside the home, no batteries required. 

This will be one that they can use at work to click at people they want to change. One they can use in traffic to click at red lights. They can just click at anything they want to control.

It doesn’t matter that nothing changes, they will feel better just knowing they are holding a tool of control. It will act like an adult pacifier. You’ll be amazed at the results.

But what can we do to help Christians who struggle with control and fear? The key is to restore your trust in a loving God who cares very deeply about you. He lives in your heart and He is sitting with you right now and wants to help you with every area of your life.

Psalm 55:22 says, Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.

You need to come to this relationship with your heavenly Father. 

Just be a child, climb up onto his lap and trust him to look after you. Then you can safely put down the remote control.

Remember, God wants you to be emotionally free.

Dr. Grant Mullen is a mental health physician and author who lectures internationally on the keys to emotional recovery and healthy relationships. He has a special interest in the integration of medical treatment with spiritual and emotional healing models to see people and organizations transformed.

Dr. Mullen is the author of Emotionally Free and The Breakthrough Solution and the producer of 16 DVDs.

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Originally published on Dr. Grant Mullen’s website, December 2008.




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