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Church Life Articles - 2008


Give Gifts with Meaning
World Vision Canada and The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada offer gift ideas that reach out, bless others and transform lives. Give someone a gift they’ll never forget this year.

Flying the Friendly Skies
Perhaps it would be a huge benefit to our churches and to the unsaved if we all took a flight attendant course.

Children Lead Church to "Greener" Outlook
Children at a North Bay church are developing research campaigns focused on greener Christmas gifts and on eco-friendly gift-wrapping.

Five Reasons to Stay in Church
Church services just don’t work for some people. Instead of leaving, why not consider some strategies to stay, even though you don’t approve of everything?

Riverwood Church Community, Winnipeg
Understanding tension and balance between churched and unchurched helps them integrate, not segregate.

Furniture Salesman Turns "Unchurch" Pastor
When pastor Jeff Edwards turned a movie theatre into a church and youth centre, Christian leaders didn’t react so much to its unusual characteristics, as to its name: “Unchurch.”

Obesity and the Body of Christ
Where did we get the idea that we can wilfully jeopardize our physical health without affecting our spiritual health?

Church Brings the Sun Indoors 
Striving to express theology in concrete and glass, a church embraces a dramatic move to bring the sun indoors. 'What we are looking at is stained glass on a cosmic scale.'

Starting a Church from Scratch 
Mainline churches began a decade ago to seek new members through church planting, but Evangelicals are leaders in the trend.

Security in the Sanctuary Examined
Are Canadian congregations prepared for the worst?

Unshackling the Church from Guilt
Spiritual liberty is under threat wherever sincere Christians are made to feel guilty for choices that do not contradict the commandments of God.




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