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Keeping an Eye on Polygamy

The nations have been watching another man step up to world leadership. Little compares to the accolades millions directed toward the new U.S. President Barack Obama. Years ago Canadians witnessed a significantly lesser phenomenon known as Trudeaumania when the popular Prime Minister was adored as a charismatic leader. And centuries ago, the residents of Jerusalem waved palm branches to honour the world’s greatest leader who rode into the city on a donkey.

Here is a unique thought: Trudeau, Obama and Jesus – these men have more in common than you think. Ray Weatherby, a pastor and Sudbury Star columnist, expresses this insight in a short, inspirational message.

North of the border, Canadian evangelical groups are watching developments surrounding the arrests of polygamists in Bountiful, British Columbia. Canada will now engage in a debate about the legalization of polygamous marriage, says Andrea Mrozek, Institute of Marriage and Family Canada. She looks at reasons why opponents of polygamy will most likely lose.

According to Lloyd Mackey, the law against polygamy could have a much broader reach into Canadian religions and cultures if it is ultimately upheld by the courts. But how long will it take for the Supreme Court to arrive at a decision? Can an argument of “religious freedom” succeed in removing polygamy from the Criminal Code? The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s legal counsel Don Hutchinson offers some answers.

And further abroad – the war in Gaza. Father Raymond J. De Souza says Israelis agree that something must be done about Gaza – that Hamas’ capabilities must be reduced, but they doubt whether the present operation will work.

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Daina Doucet, Online Editor





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