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Ethical Bailout

Israel is in the news, but here is some news from Israel that you may not have heard. The earliest known Hebrew text was unearthed in Israel recently. The writing dates 1000 years before the Dead Sea Scrolls. A fragment of pottery with the writing on it was found in the Elah Valley, believed to be the site where David slew Goliath.

Does biblical archaeology interest you? Here’s a vacation to remember.

The University of Manitoba is extending an invitation to ancient history aficionados to join them on an archaeological dig in Israel in the area where Goliath was from. Artefacts at the site could date back more than 5,000 years.

We move from a pleasant look at biblical history to serious issues of today. With the economy in turmoil, and the current financial mess, one thing is certain, says Rusty Wright, more than financial bailout is needed. We need ethical bailout. That appears especially true when we hear that the “porn kings” are complaining – hopefully joking – that the porn industry is doing poorly and needs a financial bailout too. That’s not funny, says anti-porn activist Steve Siler of Nashville. Pornography is not just entertainment. It has a devastating effect on individuals, marriages, families and workplaces.

This week a marriage and family counsellor presents five pitfalls of pornography that render it one of the most difficult challenges one can face. Why do some become addicted? What are some signs that indicate addiction? A lay counsellor suggest steps one can take toward healing and recovery.

This week has also seen the passing of a man greatly respected within the Catholic Church and beyond. Father Richard John Neuhaus was a “model Christian disciple, an inspiration in the Catholic priesthood, and a trailbrazer in his apostolate as a public intellectual.” To Father Raymond J. De Souza, he was also a friend.

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